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Demonic is the latest child born of Image Comics. Brought to life by the dynamic writing of Christopher Sebela, and garnering the amazing art stylings of Niko Walter, I have to say this felt like the work of a company “possessed” by the dark musings of a mad man. I was exited when I picked this comic up, as I am a huge fan of horror themed comic books, and the cover alone intrigued me (see above).


Scott is a detective who really just wants to keep his family together. Not the perfect father, husband, or employee, he is a man full of faults. He tries his best to survive those faults, and overcome an awful lot of adversity. In doing so, he is put into a lot of precarious positions, until his partner and himself respond to an average call with a paranormal twist. This will set up the rest of Scott’s life, and the potential for him to become someone else. Something else…

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Mix that with a sick child, an affair with his partner in the police department, and a threat of losing everything in this world he loves, it almost seems to guarantee a bad ending for poor Scott. That is, until a friend from his past shows up to completely mess with Scott’s while life.


The artwork in this one is a decent style for the comic. It has a nice feel of horror and grit to it, without needing to be completely outside of the box in character creation. A good dynamic of page layout and decent line work makes the visuals pop a little. My only major issue is the entire comic (at least 85% of it) is too light for the needed ambiance. The artwork, while mostly doing the job, is also very run of the mill in the style form.


The story comes off original, which is hard to do in modern day times as almost everything has been done around a hundred times. While following a set plot of a man facing his inner demons, it goes past that and evolves into an extremely readable and enjoyable comic. The writer is good at trapping raw emotion on the page, and making us feel for all of the characters.

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This story has a lot of factors to it. It is a horror, drama, thriller. Depending on where you are jumping in or coming away from it, you will know the generalization of the story, and the good versus evil that man truly faces. This is a comic that will be amazing for fans of the supernatural, or mind bending twists, as this one seems like it will be full of them.

This is a comic that I really enjoyed the entire plot to so far. I am excited to see how things progress with Scott’s eventual decent into madness. I guess only time, and good writing, will be able to tell.

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