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The Shadow is a hero who has been around an awfully long time. Bringing hope to the everyman, always watching from the darkness for trouble. Dynamite Comics brings this title some new life with writer Cullen Bunn and the art stylings of Giovanni Timpano, we are transported into an age of golden oldies, with a few new twists and tricks up its sleeve.

The Shadow is a man who hunts those in the magical realm. Those who prey on the people he loves, or take innocent lives for any reason at all. In this initial issue, he is hunting down a man or men who had taken the wife of Harry Houdini hostage. Trying to find justice for the poor mans widow, he brings the fight to them.

Shad 2


The Shadow is compelled to hunt down the Society of United Magicians as he thinks they are responsible for the capture, and subsequent torture of Harry Houdini’s widow. The Shadow being a magician himself, uses the shadows, and silence of the night to stalk his prey. Using his amazing skills for deduction and reasoning, he is able to follow the trail of illusions to search for the answers he seeks.

Using the power of magic (as he is a true magician) he uncovers some dark truths from a lot of dead ends. What will this mean for the future of magic? Who is controlling things from behind the scenes? Tune in to find out!


Brilliant. Absolutely amazing style, breathing new life into a series that ranges back a few decades. It brings a new pizzazz that they have been missing in a lot of modern day comics, as it is an amazingly unique technique to blend the old and the new. We get to reminisce about the old Shadow comics, but a new breathe of art into it. A more modern style, and it really works well.

Shad 3


This story is exactly what we’d expect from The Shadow series, so it goes without saying it has intrigue, mystery, action, and a lot of emotion to it. It makes you keep thinking you know the answer, when in fact you are not even scratching the surface. Some of my favorite writing as it gives me the true Shadow feel every time I read the comments in his voice.

The writing captured this characters essence almost perfectly.


I am more than impressed with this one. I knew all about The Shadow but had never read any of the works, which apparently means I have been missing out. With this being my first introduction to the character, I am excited to say I will be continuing. If you enjoy old time mysteries, with the twist of magic, then this one is for you.

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