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Action Labs is a company that I find tends to get skipped over a lot when it comes to reviews and honourable mentions. I honestly enjoyed this comic so much I felt it needed to be brought to your attention.

Brigands is a story written by Ram V (An author from India, with a quite popular comic there) and the honestly amazing artwork of Nick Barber (Ringside – Image Comics), so we get to see a relatively new to the industry team. I love seeing something different, and picking up this comic, I had no idea what I should be in store for.


The cover is eye catching, and breaks down a lot of questions which intrigues the reader to come in and find out what is going on. It is getting a specific mention as I personally was 100% enthralled into buying this comic JUST BECAUSE of the cover.



Stilian Desault AKA Stilian Blackheart is a man destined for death. On the chopping block right from the word go, for crimes against the most villainous of people, he is saved at the last breath to begin a journey. It is a journey of discovery, revelation, and the possible ending of the world as we know it. Stilian is being used by the governing bodies for a mission I am unsure that he even knows the magnitude of, but it came at the saving of his life.

He has become a Brigand.


The art is very well done, and a very similar style to the dungeons and dragons comics, which I feel works very well for the genre. It is a little less refined, but I would say it works well. There are times you can see the inconsistency of a more amateur artist, but the overall feel comes across well. I am extremely impressed with the design choices.

My only critique would be that a lot of the pages seem to have a tonne of wasted space. You have a few pages with only two panels, when a four or five panel page would fit better, as to not have so much dead area around the story.



The story we are following is an amazingly well written journey, quickly becoming one of the first comics I actually read the first four issues of in a row.I was impressed with the ability to build a character in such a short bit of writing, and make the character memorable as well. Also I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre, so that really helped when it came down to it.


This is an amazing story for anyone who enjoys a fantasy setting with well developed characters. I would definitely recommend this for fans of that setting, but also of just really well written and developed stories.

All in all, one of my top ten smaller company comics, and one that I am hoping keeps going with the story soon, as I am getting a minor withdrawal.

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