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This week we take a look at a couple of powerhouses in the comic industry with a unique idea for a comic. Dan Didio and Scott Koblish have combined a talent list that goes miles long to produce The Kamandi Challenge. Kamandi is the name so easily given to the last boy on earth after he finds out everyone around him are actually robots with the soul purpose of protecting him. He, along with his missing and believed to be dead parents, are the only ones who can prevent the end of humanity as we know it. Honestly? We find out most of this information from Kamandi’s grandmother just before she pushes him into a portal, exposing herself as a robot and damn well blowing the portal up.

Yeah, it’s that kind of comic.

Kamandi is the last man on earth, and it is an earth which seems to have been taken over by hyper intelligent animals. Prince Tuftan, a tiger with a love of all things involving battles in the arena, quickly dismisses the squishy, useless human as Kamandi battles Tiny. The completely ironically named King Kong sized gorilla, in a battle to the death.



Dan Didio is a god among men when it comes to his ability to captivate the readers of his works. I have been a fan of his for many a comic book, so I mainly picked this one up as he was attached to it. I do not regret that decision, as Dan once again captivated me with the amazingly well done writing, great character development, and unique premise of an age old question. What would happen to the world if animals took over.

Apparently they would act like us, and fight for every inch. The difference is it seems all of the animals are essentially racist, only wanting to work with their own main race of animal. City of Tigers, Jaguars, Gorillas, and Elephants to name a few of the ones listed in the book.



The style of art used in this story was a very classic homage to the old school Conan comics. It was a more modern take on that classic perfection of old. It fits the story to a T, and while it may turn off more of the modernist comic book lovers, to me, it worked absolutely the way it should have. It kept me interested, and showed me the almost pointillism style that I had always loved.


Well worth the read in my opinion. This is an original take on a story that many authors have done in origins type stories. It feels like a planet of the apes movie, on paper, and a lot more violent. This comic would go over well for anyone who likes He-Man, Conan, or even Flash Gordon. The style, the writing, and the overall feel of the comic is one of man crushes his way through life.

This man, just happens to be the last one on earth!

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