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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the amazing world of comic books. Join me, Fat Adam, as we figure out the good, the bad, and the just okay of comics each week. This week, the story stems from an age old characters origins, the Amazons. Odyssey of the Amazons is the story of the Amazonians who came before Wonder Woman. The ones who paved the way for arguably the greatest female superhero of all time, and definitely in the top three heroes of all time.

Written by Kevin Grevioux with the art musings of Ryan Benjamin, we get a team that is working well to bring us the beginning of an amazingly stylistic story. Hessia is the leader of this group of mismatched warriors, hailing from the island of Themyscira as usual. It shows a story that takes place in legend, but showcases the true spirit of the Amazonian warrior.


Our story starts off with a large battle scene, which initially shows us the power and determination of the Amazonian women we are following. As they cut through the enemy with the greatest of ease, they are quite at ease with one another. Ribbing each other as if they were only taking part in some sort of football game, but dicing up their enemies, and winning the day.

We fast forward to the women being given a reward for helping out in the battle, and helping to sway the tide of the fight. We also find out that the women themselves are not naturally born Amazonian, but hail from all different walks of life. Being strong fighters, they were chosen to join the fight for immortality.


The writing is strong, as we would have always gotten from Wonder Woman and DC comics in general. I was pleasantly surprised as this is one of the first DC series I have been really excited about in a long time. It is passionate, determined, and an overall thrill ride of a journey, with very good creation of characters that are new to us, but kick ass to all.



The art work is absolutely gorgeous, as usual in a professional comic. I was happily surprised at the layout, style, and completely clean style of art work. Mildly disappointed with the fact that there was not a lot of originality in the comic though, it is fairly similar to other comics DC has produced.

I just wish they could change up the similar styles once in awhile.


A good title, well worth the purchase, and the read. It does take some similar themes we’ve seen before, but changes them enough to make it a bit more original. While the story is slightly overused, the new format of the team makes it easier to fall in love with.

Well done DC in the creation of a good read, a nice view, but a lack in originality. Hopefully next time they can hit all three.

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