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Welcome to the wonderful world we’ve all come to love. The world of a small town by the name of Riverdale. Containing characters like Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones, to name a few of the more prominent ones. A comic of dreams, hopes, laughs, and a lot of friendship. Most of us read it as kids, and collected them all of our life.


This isn’t that comic. This is a dark, torrent of wild stories. It brings out the dark side of Riverdale, showing us that even in a small town you can have a student sleeping with a teacher, a father arrested for embezzlement, a good girl turned man eater, and a murder of sorts. This is in a single summer. Toss out any ideas you had about Archie, and get ready to take a thrill ride of sorts which will get you ready for the new show on Netflix, Riverdale.


Four authors, and four artists each got together to create this one shot comic. It features the summer story of Archie Andrews (Writer Brian Paterson, Artist Elliot Fernandez), Betty Cooper (Writer Britta Lundin, Artist Jim Towe), Veronica Lodge (Writer James Dewille, Artist Thomas Pitilli), and Jughead Jones (Writer Will Ewing, Artist Alitha Martinez), explaining what happened to them while they were all away from one another. In Veronica’s case, she had yet to meet the rest, so it was an introduction to her character as her and her mother moved to Riverdale.



It is a bit harder to judge the writing as there is four different writers, but I can say all of the stories felt like authentic Archie stories, with a much darker tone. Believable characters, well developed stories, and descriptive adventures, all tying the four characters into one another. Giving us a reason to care for them, and wonder what happened to cause this story to merge. It gives you a real understanding of the story of the show as well, and the only thing that I had trouble with, was the lack of similarities to the actual Archie we’ve all loved. I understand they want to create something different, but when you are using characters from an amazing franchise that has spent so many years developing them, then making them almost 100% different. It was tough to swallow at first, but give it a chance.



The art in this is completely different in each story, but it works so well for each one. The Jughead story line was the closest to the actual artwork of Archie Comics, but the others had a more realistic feel to them. Almost as if they were created for the darker tone of the story. So basically, the art was damn near perfect in each of the stories.

This is a must have for fans of Archie, to see the difference between this and what you’re used to. For fans of the show, this is a MUST READ as you should know how everything started for all of our main players.

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