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Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, with the intense art styling of Owen Gieni, Rat Queens is the story of Violet and her crew of amazing adventurer’s. I use the term amazing very loosely, in the aspect that they seem to know what they want to do, but it seems to go so very wrong for them. Mix that in with an amazingly dungeons and dragons feel, and tip the top over with mild drug use and language control issues, and we’ve got ourselves a nice little comic!

Violet and her team (The Rat Queens) are your stereotypical dungeon party. Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, and Sorceress who together try and take on missions. Looking for glory, rewards, and apparently the nearest hookah, they accept a journey to battle a beast who is killing off different people centralized to one location. They go off in search of this beast, knowing it will be a fight to the death, one which they must win to gain the glory. You learn quickly, they are not exactly the best of adventurer’s and end up getting their asses handed to them in a short amount of time.

This comic contains intrigue, adventure, laughs, and some amazing story work that actually makes you feel like it is a Dungeons and Dragons sort of world. It gives it that little boost that made me want to keep reading, and even finish the story to know how it ended.



The writing is exactly what I want out of this sort of book. It is crude, crass, and filthy, that goes for the humor and the overall feel to it. I get a feel for the characters, even some of the minor ones who were added in a little bit later, but most of all, I was actually rooting for them to win. I don’t usually get that invested so quickly, but I couldn’t help it. Could be because of the genre of the comic, but I believe it is because Wiebe did a good job developing the overall story of the characters inside his pages.


The art is clean, a bit over the top, and absolutely great for this style medium. The comic needs to show the struggle of the characters, but also make a big deal out of their imperfections (which it strives to do, and pulls off rather well). It gives us a feel for the characters, and that they are even aware that they aren’t perfect. The battle scenes are awesome, as I find the action flows amazingly well from one panel to the next, and the penis looking mushroom character was the best designed character in the book.


I am actually amazingly excited to see where this is going, and am already invested in the story. I just wish I could read more now, instead of having to wait for future issues to come out.


Tune in next time when we look over another issue 1, and remember to leave your choices in the comments for reviews.

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