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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first in a series of previews that will be happening on the site from now on. Not yet released comics, that catch my eye, will be coming at you faster than you can imagine! So strap in, and enjoy our preview of an Aftershock title, Pestilence.

Written by the amazingly talented Frank Tieri (Marvel Vs. Capcom, Deadpool), artwork by the wonderful Oleg Okunev (Disney Illustrator), and the cover design created by the Eisner award winning Tim Bradstreet. This team has done something I have not seen in a long time, they’ve taken an overplayed genre and added a breathe of life into it.


We are all aware that zombie shows, comics, books, manga, and just about every other avenue over the past ten years has saturated themselves to the point where it has lost its originality. So when I see another comic claiming to recreate zombies, I assume it will be bad. I am jaded. I was completely wrong when it came to this one.

Pestlience is the story of Roderick Helms, knight errant to the church, and it seems a member of the infamous “holy hit squad”, taking on the churches enemies as they see fit to wield him. It starts with a man known as Sir Archibald, a fat slob of a man who raped and pillaged his way through Turk lands, claiming it was in the name of the church, but really it was in the name of his pride. Roderick steps in, and we see why he and his men, are highly regarded for their abilities.

This series is well written, well drawn, and even above all that, it is perfectly laid out. We are given a modern twist on a medieval theme. Turning the zombie apocalypse into full swing during the times of the crusades, so adding an extreme difficulty level without the use of firearms, and most of the modern technology we see in all of the other zombie stories around.


It adds intrigue, adds difficulty, and adds the ability to worry about the characters very survival, knowing they can’t just pull out a revolver and start blasting. I’m interested to see the ways they create for our heroes to escape, use the world around the to survive, and honestly? To see what they say started the apocalypse.

This book will be a good read for any fans of the zombie genre who maybe feel like they were getting burnt out from the massive amounts of releases in the last three to five years. Fans of action comics will love this, as well as fans of adventure comics that play out almost very Dungeons and Dragons like.

Finally anyone who loves a little history added to their comics, as I know this will be using real locations, real history, and real emotion to tell its story.


This is due out May 2017, please contact the store if you would like to reserve a copy!

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