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So, while browsing through the preview Emails, I noticed another one that caught my eye. The Normals from Aftershock had an intriguing look to it, with a name alone that made me think it was some sort of Seinfeld knock off look at comics, and boy howdy was I way off base.

Written by one of the executive producers of SupernaturalAdam Glass (Suicide Squad) is a magician with a pen. Able to spin a tale from any sort of minor story, his style is fluid and well mapped out. Combine that talent with the amazing artwork of Dennis Calero (X-men Noir) and you get an original idea that flows very well. With a mixture of story, action, and emotion that will leave you coming back for more.


The Normals is the story of Jack, his wife Mary, and their kids Aiden and Josephine, and the struggle they all face in the wake of the incident. Jack, coming home from a regular day at the office, arrives at home as Josephine is heading out to a friends. He makes his way inside, gives his pet dog a pat on the head, kisses his wife, and makes his way out back to barbecue some burgers. A seemingly normal day, until his son Aiden falls from his treehouse, hitting his head on the way down. That is when Jacks entire life flipped upside down, all from a small piece of livewiring he thought he saw from his sons head.

Fearing something is off with his own mind, or possibly that his son is not really who he remembers, they decide to go back to their hometown to replenish their minds and bodies. That is when things get so much worse, as they fall down a rabbit hole of problems, leading us to the amazingly well drawn out finale. I can not wait to see where they go with this new information.


Adam Glass does an amazing job of taking us on a journey that branches off into quite a few smaller ideas for the future of the series. If I have any complaints, I do feel that the characters were a little wooden. While I expect this may have been done with purpose, it does detract from the overall story a little to me.

Dennis Calvero is a man who has created a damned good style of art, showcasing how you can mix a little reality with a tonne of fiction. Making our characters feel real to us, but showing the over the top explosions, and other features as the story goes on. All together a very impassioned piece of work between the two creators.

I would recommend this story to anyone who likes sci-fi, action, emotional comics, or are just fans of a realistic feel with twists and turns around every corner.

This issue will be available in May 2017, so make sure to talk to The Comic Hunter to reserve your copy. I can’t imagine you will want to miss this one.

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