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a1Continuing on our new journey, and preparing you for more upcoming previews, this time we are getting a sneak peek inside a legendary franchise. Known for its amazing graphics, horror style gore, and the reason none of us can even imagine swallowing a bug without it bursting from our chests in an explosion of chest meat and horror.

James Stokoe single handedly brings us back into the world of Aliens with Aliens Dead Orbit, showing us that no matter how safe we are, we can never be completely aware of what is going on around us. Sometimes, we are meant to fail, but we should try and make sure that failure doesn’t get us horrifically mutilated to the point that we are unrecognizable to those we love. Yeah, it’s that kind of book.


This chapter in the Alien franchise, takes place just outside of the gas giant U.P. Pylos, aboard the ATOL Sphacteria. We are following a group of what seems to be astronauts hired by Weyland, as always, but I am not 100% sure hired to do what. I know they seem to be protecting the gas giant, and making sure that anything coming in is flagged as well. They did mention they were expecting incoming supplies, with possibly people, so it may be a mission to take over a new world. This is the one thing that I was never sure about, as it wasn’t made clear.

I do know that they do find a ship that is dead in space, not responding to any of their calls. Classic Aliens cliched ship, full with the acid burn holes right through the hull, the few remaining survivors, one of which probably has a chest burster inside of them, and I am almost positive the Sphacteria also has an android on board, who is their chief security officer.

The team itself has your usual tropes. The loud mouth, the show off, the jackass, the drunk, etc. The whole thing reads like an Alien movie, but it is easily predictable, so it makes it difficult to fall as in love with this one as I used to with the other comics I’ve read recently.


James Stokoe does an amazing job of writing this to come off just like a piece of the Alien franchise. It works well, it is an amazingly well written piece, and I am happy that I gave it the chance it deserved. The artwork is gritty, causing it to be borderline bad. Me personally, I love gritty art work, so I knew I was going to love it, but I can understand why some people would stray away from this style of artwork. Not everyone can pull it off.

I would recommend this book for fans of the Alien franchise, sci-fi, horror, and action comics. It does an amazing job of mixing a lot of genres together as one.

Make sure to stop by The Comic Hunter (or give ’em a call) to place your pre-order on this one. It goes on sale in April 2017, so adding it to your file will be easy enough.

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