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Hello All, sorry that it has been some time since my last post but life definitely threw me a curve ball over the past couple of months so having time to do much has been difficult.  But with all the recent adventures hopefully behind me I can finally catch up with whats been going on in the world of Magic.  Since I wrote last I was able to finish decently in 2 PPTQ’s one of which was our last Comic Hunter PPTQ which I made the finals, the other I made top 8 only to lose in the first round…( to the same deck that beat me in the finals I might add).  From there Modern Masters 2017 recently hit the stores, which I was unfortunately not able to attend any of the opening weekend events but if I get the chance I will definitely try and get a draft or 2 in. We also had another update to the ban list which had all of us sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation.  Last but not least we have Amonkhet spoilers commencing officially next week but got a sneak peek in whats in store for us recently.


The deck I played in the PPTQs was a Jeskai Saheeli list, which I am sure everyone who knows me is surprised about, in which I piloted to a decent finish twice in a row.  Unfortunately Jeskai Saheeli at the moment is being out shined by the 4 color variant, a more mid-range beat down deck with the built in combo while using synergies with Felidar Guardian and all the great enter the battlefield effects.  If I get the chance to play in another big event I will most likely be playing a 4 color Saheeli variant as it definitely feels up my alley.  I have always liked cards that have effects when they enter the battlefield, especially creatures and with things like Felidar Guardian abusing those effects while also being a combo piece there isn’t much more I can ask for from a deck.  However the Temur Energy deck also looks very interesting and looks like the control deck that is putting up some decent results. Ultimately a deck that can hold its own against mardu Vehicles / Ballista and the 4 color Saheeli combo deck is where you want to be, so I suggest you play one of the mentioned decks or find a weakness to both you can exploit.


Modern Masters 2017 definitely looks like the best rendition of the set to date, at least for having as many staples as possible shoved into a modern limited format could handle anyways.  From Snapcaster Mage to  Liliana, Of the Veil, while also still having Tarmogoyf and things like Voice of Resurgence and many more awesome cards for the modern format.  Modern Masters 2017 also looks like a lot of fun to draft so if you get the chance to I would definitely take the opportunity to try it.

We also recently had the “non-Ban” update as some people are calling it, and are criticizing Wizards over, but ultimately I am very happy they didn’t ban anything else in standard especially with a new set not very far away.  Yes there are some dominating cards in the current standard metagame, but getting rid of those cards might not change the format all that much as there are lots of high impact cards in standard at the moment.  Case in point the BG delerium/ Aggro decks would probably dominate if Saheeli Combo and Gideon didn’t exist, as the deck is still putting up a good fight and not much else can keep them in check.  and Even with Gideon gone I’m not sure Vehicles would die off as there are plenty of great cards still left in the deck.  The biggest reason I am happy there weren’t any new bans was the fact that so many players pay huge amounts of money for some of these cards, and I feel they should at least be allowed to use them for the standard season they are playable for.  It is also up to R&D to ensure that standard is as balanced as they want it too be,  if there seems to be a mistake adjust the next set to have enough hate to take care of the mistake.  Don’t get me wrong I was just as happy as everyone else t see Emrakul, The Promised End leave Standard as she was over powered, but the format was adjusting to try and deal with her, and I feel really bad for anyone who invested into them at the last minute.  I for one hope that standard bannings stay to a minimum and that R&D finds better ways to balance the up coming standard format, as it looks terrible against them when they make standard bannings.  Plus if standard bannings become more and more frequent interest in buying standard staples will just become a joke.


There is a lot of potential going forward into Amonkhet, and so far I’m not disappointed.  The couple of spoilers we have so far are interesting to say the least, Glorybringer, a 4/4 Flying, Haste dragon for 3RR that can exert itself to deal 4 damage to a non-dragon creature when it attacks is pretty insane.  For those of you who don’t know about the new mechanics yet, one of them is exert which is a creature ability that allows the creature to perform an effect when it attacks.  When a creature with exert attacks you choose if it is exerting itself or not, if it does it doesn’t untap as normal during your next untap step.  However if you can find a way to untap the exerted creatures they can exert themselves again and attack as normal.  It also looks like this could be another graveyard matters set especially with the new Embalm mechanic as well as these new split cards that are basically 2 different spells but one you can only cast from your graveyard.  The Embalm ability looks like it is an ability that allows you to exile a creature with the ability to put a token into play that has specifics designed around the card, so I am excited to see what kinds of things they have come up with for all these new and sweet mechanics.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Amonkhet as I am always excited about a new set and of course full art lands!…. PS anyone who wants to ship there Grixis Bolas lands can ship them my way !



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