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X-O Manowar, honestly what can be said about this brutal look into the creation of a godlike man? Valiant Entertainment take Aric, a viking like humanoid, and add Schon, who looks like she was taken right out of World of Warcraft, tossing them into the middle of a world actually at war.

Planet Gorin, the home of an alien race at war with one another, is also the new home for Aric, an ex earth dweller. Falling in love with an alien woman, and not wanting to let her go, he has forgone his old armor for a simple life of one handed farming, living off of the alien lands, and supplying the local military with a lot of their supplies.


Writer Matt Kindt, and artist Tomas Giorello have designed a story that revolves around the mythos of X-O Manowar, but adding in a twist of alienized worlds to make the story a bit more original. Aric of Dacia is a character who was created in 5th century Europe and abducted by an alien race. He took over one of their most powerful weapons, but took to forsaking it (by the way, the armor has its own artificial intelligence) for the world where he now calls home.

This story starts us off with Aric being dragged into a war, and basically being used as canon fodder.Never expected to survive longer than a breathe, he battles his way behind enemy lines with the willpower of a thousand men. Through being stabbed, land mines, and a hundred other homicidal enemies who are trying to destroy everything he holds dear, he fights his way through the battlefield using the skills he picked up along the years he has been fighting.


Matt Kindt does an amazing job of making us feel like we want to root for the gruff and disposed Aric. While the world works against him, he becomes the one man who can defend his world against another new enemy in the world. It is slightly cliched with the whole “one man can destroy all of the enemies of war” type of character, but damned if I don’t love the way they wrote that one character. He is completely bad ass, and I love everything about him.

The artwork is a nice mixture of old school meets new school. The rough type of artwork works well for this gritty character design, with amazingly well detailed characters and backgrounds, you can honestly tell that the style would not have worked if it was as polished as I was expecting. Keep in mind I’ve not been a fan of X-O Manowar in the past, but this one has me hooked.


I recommend this book for fans of action, sci-fi, and war based books. Also toss in some super hero feels to it, and BAM you get this one.

This issue is already out with issue 2 coming out in April (26th to be exact). Make sure to contact The Comic Hunter to order your copy!

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