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Bloodshot was the perfect living weapon is the opening tag line for this new introduction to a well known, and well done, character. Bloodshot was one of the first characters that actually drew me into reading a lot more of Valiant’s works. I may be a bit biased in my opinions of this one, so I apologize in advance.

Bloodshot Reborn is the action packed love child of Writer Jeff Lemire, and Artist Renato Guedes, with the talented assistance of others. They took on a classic group (The Bloodshot Squad) and redefined what was remaining of the members. I was excited to pick this story up, I am happy I got to review it, and I am ready to share it with the world.

The story starts off showing us the three remaining members of The Bloodshot Squad, hooked up at G.A.T.E. Headquarters, watching the new world around them fall apart. Death, destruction, war, but also men being punished for the acts they’ve committed. It revolves around the virus that devastated New York in the recent Bloodshot works, causing many to live in fear every single day. The Bloodshot Squad is actually discussing going back to civilian life for now, well as close to civilian life as some pale white skinned, red eyed men can. It seems to have worked okay for Ray Garrison.


We learn about Ray having some issues with Magic, and doing his best to mend their relationship, and making sure he will be able to be with her through all of the mistakes he has made. He seems to be making up absolutely no ground with her, even considering he finds out she is pregnant with his Bloodshot baby of sorts.

The writing in this one was absolutely amazing, and honestly I was fairly happy with the style. It felt good with the throwbacks to the older storylines, but I will say the writing was a bit too much at times. As someone who tends to go off on long winded rants a lot in my life I can respect it being possible, but I find almost the entire issue is a series of long winded rants. It tends to fly off into a completely opposite story quite quickly, leaving a hundred questions about what happened in the series part before.


The artwork is absolutely beautiful, fitting into the world, character, and personality we are so used to seeing. For those who are not familiar with this character, you need to go back and view a few of the previous renditions that have been around before. Honestly, he is a kick ass superhero (anti hero?) with a red hot heart of gold.

I recommend this comic for fans of action, adventure, a bit of drama mixed in. Fans of a simply confusing plot that leaves a million loose ends, but keeps you hooked in for more.

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