THIS JUST IN! – Rock Candy Mountain – Image Comics (2017)


Welcome to the world of Rock Candy Mountain where Satan himself has decided to make it his mission to find a man known as Jackson who is carrying a secret. What kind of secret? Let’s get to that in a minute. First of all, I would like to give a huge shout out to Kyle Starks for being the writer and artist for this title. While I know in most cases creators can manage to do one of the two things exceptionally well, I always have a soft spot for comics that combine both of them into one amazing book.

Rock Candy Mountain starts off in the year 1948, with Satan literally murdering a slew of hobo’s to try and find the one miscreant who has taken something from him, a man currently known as Jackson. Meeting up with Hollywood Slim (who tried to name himself Fire Kitty Dragon for his Hobo name), a dude with a series of bad luck decisions culminating in him hopping the same train to nowheresville that Jackson happens to be on. Call it fate, call it coincidence, or call it something else. Either way, this inevitable meeting sets an adventure off that would reach epic proportions (at least to the hobo members of it).


The final piece of the story I have to mention, because honestly I wouldn’t believe me if someone told me the comic went in this direction. We meet Marion, or as he is known in the hobo world “Boss Flimbo” of the Hobo Mafia. Yeah, you read that right, the freaking Hobo Mafia.

Kyle Starks is an amazingly talented writer when it comes to writing a story that is out there, brief, and not a lot of revelations to it. He builds a good flowing story in this one, but the downside is that it abuses the humour side. To me this would be a great adventure story without the cliched and zany antics that appear all throughout the first issue. To quote this is a line directly from the book “He’s got punch diarrhea and their faces are the toilet bowl”.


While I understand the want to add a lightness to it, I felt it completely detracted from the overall premise, which caused the comic to barely scratch the surface of what it was actually about. I know it will get there eventually, I just feel by the end of a first issue, you should be able to tangibly see some sort of direction for the overall series.

The artwork is extremely hard to read, with very little color saturation to it. I would say it is similar to Steven Universe in design, but almost all in shades of blue and red, dirty. It makes sense for a hobo adventure story. I was actually pleased with how it all went graphically.

You can order this comic through The Comic Hunter, so make sure you are calling them too add new comics to your file regularly. Also let them know if this review helped your purchase, we always love to know why you read the comics you do!

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