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Welcome once again readers to another review of a newly released comic entitled Eleanor and the Egret by Aftershock Comics. A story of murder, intrigue, keen detective skills, and above all else, trust among those closest to you. Writer John Layman, brings forth an entire world of mystery while using the amazing art talent of Sam Keith to make sure the story goes the way they want it to.

Our story begins with a brief and to the point prologue showing what we assume is Eleanor meeting her not yet hatched friend. While it is a mere three pages (one and a spread) it is beautifully introduced. Fast forward to Paris a few years later, and we are thrown into a posh art museum. While being introduced to some amazing works, we see that not only is it in fact Eleanor, but her trusty new friend the Egret is nesting on her hat. Admiring the fine art contained within the hallowed halls, her smile says it all.

What we don’t know is that the Egret and Eleanor are actually a team of master thieves. I am being completely honest here. One person, with her trust stork looking creature, managed to steal one of the most expensive pieces of art in this worlds history. All with nothing more than basic supplies, and a beak that apparently can cut through safety glass on its own. Oh, and turn his beak into an actual key for the safe. With the key teeth and all. I spent most of the comic wishing I could get me one of these special pets!


The writing by John Layman is impassioned. I absolutely fell in love with the decipher style of dialogue that is contained in these pages. The fact that not only every character has their own personality and beliefs, but they build a close knit group of cat and mouse tactics in only a single issue. I fell for the combined characters within the first few pages, since the dynamics play well off of each other.

Sam Keith in my opinion is the main reason this comic should be read. His style is something almost completely unique, and amazingly well down. It feels like you are reading a series of oil paintings, tying a massive plot into a unique set of blueprints. The overall feel is warm, inviting, and all around accepting of the work being produced. I feel this team combined nailed the old timey feel that they were going for. I can not wait to keep up with this series, and look forward to their choices moving forward.


I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys subtle hints, detective comics with a twist, and mainly a drama adventure book. Not my top comic of all time, but definitely a must read for almost any type of comic book reader.

Make sure to ask the amazing people at The Comic Hunter to put one aside for you. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this one just because you were a little nervous about the style.

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