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Infinite Seven brings together writer Dave Dwonch and artist Arturo Mesa in a way that is completely crazy, full of twists and turns, but completely worth the pick up. I never start a review by telling you to get the comic, but seriously if you don’t feel that way after reading this review, I will have to eat every last word.

Our comic starts with young Anthony (Tony) who has somehow been made into an international assassin, getting kicked out of a plane without a parachute, and free falling thousands of feet to what I assume would be his death. Flash back to one month prior, when Tony was sitting on his couch playing video games, and talking about how boring his life really was. How nothing exciting ever happened to him. Flash again to the group of assassins before Tony has joined. A few of them hunting an international terrorist who apparently had a fling with one of the assassins. Oh yeah, deadly game of love triangle. Man, Woman, end of the world sort of stuff.


We learn about the Infinite Seven as they are called, containing an older British man, a German built like a tank, a luchadore female, a Bruce Lee looking martial artist, our resident pirate looking dude, a large and in charge black man with the best outfit in the gang, and finally some sort of deal with the devil type guy. He has a damn flying devil as a pet, and it is sarcastic as “Hell”, which makes it all the more hilarious to see.

We do see what caused him to join the Infinite Seven as well, but we aren’t going to get into that at the moment, as it would spoil a thrill ride of an ending. Honestly, I was excited by each and every page, and had to reread the comic several times to soak it all in.

The writing is completely believable, and honestly the type of writing I believe we should all strive for. It never came off as forced to drive the plot, flowed smoothly from start to finish, and made me fall even harder for the overall concept. While we have all seen a million groups/clans/guilds of assassins, spies or any other government tool, we have never seen one like this!


The art work was stunning, I was extremely happy with the things that Mesa decided to take way over the top, but leaving the overall feel of the world and universe in tact. Showing us a more realistically driven story, with minor explosions of dramatic effect.

I recommend this comic to anyone who is a fan of adventure, action, or assassin style comics. Great start to a plot for character development, and I really want to see this scrawny kid bloom into one of the worlds greatest assassins.

Ask the amazing people at The Comic Hunter to order your copy. They would love to help you add it into your file, so you can enjoy the action thrill ride that is Infinite Seven!

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