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Image Comics, home to a lot of the best comics going at the moment. A brand that shines with the comics that others have either turned their backs on, or were passed over from conception. This comic was neither of those, which makes sense as it is actually damn interesting.

Black Cloud, which is written by Ivan Brandon and brought to life with the amazing art stylings of Greg Hinkle, is the story of a young woman who has an amazingly unique talent. She has the ability to transport people into their own dream like realities. Using hers as a gateway, to showcase the world of possibilities, she impresses all the right people to be promoted right into the Mayors office.

BC2Hired on to make the Mayors son Todd disappear for a little while (until after re-election season), she realizes that the money she can make from it is absolutely astounding. She goes from homeless to the penthouse sweet at a Ritz style hotel within a few days of the comic starting. Even though we are never given her actual name, we are given the fact that she is considered some sort of old blood in this world, with the ability to fight off most big bads who come along.

She can make things happen, make them appear, and packs one hell of a punch, so she is an almost complete package. Except for the one man who we are introduced to (kind of). Covered by rain and clouds, every time he shows up, she feels the need to run as fast as possible. Leaving anyone and anything she may have forgotten in the lurch to fend for itself.

BC 3

The writing of Ivan Brandon is full of intricate story telling, with enough interesting twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. This is one of the first times I am truly able to stay on board, and follow the story easily enough. It shows that the writing is strong enough to carry itself along even without the art work.

That being said, the artwork is extremely talented. Greg Hinkle does things with his art tools that most would only imagine. Funny enough it is a concept I had never seen before, when I asked an artist to try the exact same thing. The use of small amounts of color within the dram scape reality, with the majority of the comic in the good old black and white, adds a completely new level to the fact that this is a dreamscape. It gives us the small piece that allows us to see this comic for what it really is, unique.

I recommend this comic for anyone who loves unique concepts, black and white mediums, adventure comics, and twists along the way. You can’t really go wrong with this one either way, but some people may not enjoy the constantly changing worlds. I absolutely loved it!

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