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While we tend to focus on any comic companies other than the big two for reviews, sometimes a comic comes along that I just really enjoy and feel it needs to be shared with the world. This is one of those times that Marvel Comics released a title that truly reminded me why they are one of the big two.

Royals is the story of a super team including the likes of Black Bolt, Medusa, and Gorgon (just to name a few) and their journey together. Written by the very talented Al Ewing and adding Jonboy Meyers into the art mix, we have a standard team of Marvel power creating an interestingly fleshed out story.

We start with what seems to be the end, the aged Black Bolt being called the last Inhuman, and being carried into the Obsidian Mountains to find himself standing at some sort of entrance. Sealed off with a large stone door, small etchings on it, he begins the story by saying that seven of them left to come to this place, the other six returned, leaving him as the sole member who was left behind.


We get an amazingly well laid out introduction to the old and new Inhumans on the team, even showcasing how Gorgon, Medusa, and Black Bolt are already feeling their older bodies breaking down, while the new (and final) generation of Inhumans are beating back the bad guys faster than most have ever seen. Their powers stronger, their timing accurate, and their suits are on point as well. Everything was going as well as it could, until Marvel Boy gives the team an opportunity to learn who the Inhumans were ACTUALLY meant to be. The fact that they can still be created and regenerated without the Terrigan mists.

Of course with Medusa feeling guilty, the plan was launched. No Inhuman for themselves, in an all out mission for the survival of their very being.

This comic comes together extremely well, with very little throughout that doesn’t make you want to keep going. There is no dry conversation, every question is answered with another question, and you have just enough information to be able to keep guessing what will be coming. All in all, I feel the writing was slick, the art work was absolutely brilliant (obviously for Marvel), but it was amazing to see characters we don’t see as often make their come back into the comic world.


I recommend this comic to anyone who loves the Inhumans, adventure, or action based comics. Obviously it helps if you like super heroes too, but not really a necessity as the story will carry you through either way. This is one of the few times I am telling you to pick it up sooner rather than later, seriously I think you will love it.

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