THIS JUST IN! – Jimmy’s Bastards – Aftershock Comics (NSFW REVIEW)


I am excited ladies and gentlemen! This week I got to take a gander into the amazing mind of writer Garth Ennis, mixing his genius with artist Russ Braun to bring us the amazing story of Jimmy’s Bastards. Aftershock Comics have paired these two, knowing full well that the style needed for this one was dirty, gritty, and action packed.

Jimmy Regent, MI6 agent extraordinaire, is a man like no other. Sassy, professional, and a taste for flair, Jimmy is the classiest James Bond seeming dick that’s ever held a gun. Safe to say this comic is NOT child friendly, and very mature in its themes, graphics, and language being used. Jimmy is fighting off super villain Theophilus Trigger and his trusty brain abled talking chimp Bobo the Bastard Chimp Clown. I… What? I was completely unsure how to do this review, since the comic itself was so confusing to me, but in a way that made me demand more. SO MUCH MORE.

So, your absolute cliche agent Jimmy is everything James Bond would be if he acted more like Austin Powers. Arrogant, a bit of a slut, and an all around mixed up guy. He sleeps with everything that walks, which gives him the ability to hash out how properly to assess the people around him. It also keeps getting his partners changed, since they keep falling for him.

The writing brings out a true arrogance of character, but it works so well with this story. We want to hate the fact that we love him, and honestly you absolutely will get that feeling reading this story. The character development is spot on, giving us an action packed thrill ride of monkeys ripping the faces off of their foes. Yep, that is also something that actually happens.


While I am extremely impressed with the art work and writing as a whole, I do find sometimes it feels a little more wordy then it needed to be. This is more of a personal preference, but for most of the comic is is mainly just well done reading. The two do blend well together, working in a way that only a literary master like Garth Ennis can do. If you are okay reading a crazy train wreck of a ride, you need to give this comic a shot. I promise you will only regret it a little.

I recommend this comic for anyone who enjoys action, violence, suave and sophisticated men who can seduce anyone out of the pants, and Garth Ennis in general. Honestly, this is one of the first comics I’ve ever wanted to recommend to anyone and everyone. Pick it up as soon as you can, and be a part of history.

PLEASE make sure to let the amazing guys at The Comic Hunter know that you want to pre-order this title. We want to make sure it keeps going, especially with the revealing twist at the end. No spoilers, but it leaves an amazing amount of possibilities for the future.

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