Zombies, Zombies, everywhere, and not a brain to find! Welcome to the tell all review of Zomben brought to us by TITAN1STUDIOS. The introduction gives us the premise of following Ben, a kid who is infected with the zombie virus, but is hiding it from the rest of humanity, to try and just live a normal life. We all know how well that goes with humanity’s savage side…

Writer Mike Heneghan brings Ben to life in the pages of Zomben, but he relies heavily on artist Abel Cicero to really bring life to the character. As a team, I do find they work quite well together, and as you will see, they match the story to the art in an almost fluid performance of art.


Our story follows two main characters. Ben, who is in fact a survivor of the multipocalypse (so named for the fact that it created several different apocalypses at once, with demons, monsters, zombies, and brought on a robotic police force to help stop the end of the world) but was bitten by an undead along the way. He was infected enough to become a zombie, but able to live normally for the most part, so his family has been hiding it from the world.

The we have Selena, who we find out that even though we haven’t seen her the whole time she has been the one narrating the start of the story. She is an adventurous child, with a family who has a sorted past. It would seem she lost two of her brothers during the multipocalypse, but that part of the story has not been shared yet. I know there will be some sort of twist coming with them, but I am unsure what it will be.

When Ben and Selena meet for the first time, Selena takes him on a small adventure in the woods by their home (his new home). Breathing new life into the questions we have about this world, there is a massive game changing moment, but honestly it should not come as a surprise for most. While it had a few slightly predictable parts, overall I absolutely loved this title.


Mike and Abel managed to breathe new life into a genre that is completely over saturated. They made an interesting and unique zombie story, the likes which I have never read, and it ABSOLUTELY worked!

I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of drama, zombies, monsters, or really any sort of Lovecraftian designs in the comic world. It has a small layer of deep intrigue covered over by a lot of little problems and solutions, so it leaves a lot of great reading throughout.

Please contact the Comic Hunter Crew to grab a copy, put it in your file, or make sure one is available before you go in. I can say that this book is a unique and potentially emotional roller coaster. So keep an eye on this one, especially since it is a short run from the looks of it.

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