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So, I’ve had a few messages asking me the difference between a review and a preview, and honestly folks it’s simple. A review means I’ve gotten to read the whole story, start to finish of one issue at least. A preview means that I only get snippets, as most publishers don’t want to give away too much. That being said, Britannia would fall under the review category, and I am REALLY upset about that. Why? I absolutely love this title already, and can not believe I have to wait to keep going.

Written by the constantly evolving Peter Milligan (Shade, and The Changing Man) while styled artistically by the phenom talent Juan Jose Ryp their blend of mystical and realistic mix to create a heart racing story of adventure, mystery, and a little bit of bad ass.


This issue introduces Achillia, a strong female warrior, who loves her share of violence. Raised in a world that treats men as the physically and intellectually superiors, she is out for blood to show them how wrong they are. Her initial meeting with our hero Antonius showcases her ability to think, fight, and manipulate those around her to get what she needs. She does this not in the cliched way that most comics make a woman seduce a man, she does it in a way that shows she is not his equal, she is superior.

Taking place in the ancient roman times, our story hinges around a plague or curse of sorts that is afflicting Rome. Antonius Axias is the man recruited to try and solve the problem, by any means necessary. Given the go ahead to recruit if needed, that is what brings him to the hallowed halls of a coliseum in which Achillia is currently being held and used for combat. Not very sporting, as no one even holds a candle to her abilities, but this was ancient Rome after all.


The writing in this book, really does an amazing job at introducing us to a brand new world of characters that take life in an ancient world many know little about. I love comics that are factored around historical places, people, and common themes of saving them from destruction, so the writing in this comic really hits home to nail all of my passions.

The art though, that ART! It really reminds me of some of the best that Valiant has offered in the past. They have a fairly unique style, and tend to make a lot of their books follow that quality, but what it does is make them recognizable. Most of the time, when I see a page from a comic, I can tell almost certainly it is from the pages of a Valiant work based on a few of the similar traits to other works they’ve released.

Stop by The Comic Hunter and ask them to get you a copy ready, put it in your file, and maybe they can get you issue 1 as well. Either way, you need a little history in your life!

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