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What would you do if the world was out to get you just for protecting a child? Would you sacrifice the innocent life for your own survival, or risk it all to save the life of someone who hasn’t had the chance to grow yet?

In the comic Few by Image Comics, the main character Hale had to make the decision to betray the life she knew to try and find a way to save one of the children who were being murdered for no apparent reason. Writer Sean Lewis (Saints) and artist Hayden Sherman (Civil War 2, Avengers Origins) have created a world that is unforgiving, and reminiscent of old biblical times.


Obviously the world is in rough shape, with humanity on the brink of extinction. All of the characters we see are dressed for the winter weather, but with minor modifications (such as the baby with Hale wearing a gas mask) so we may need to be cautious of the the elements as well. We learn of a group of raiders, following a man named Herrod, and searching for a specific child who needs to die. I assume (as it has not yet been revealed) that this is like the biblical story in which the child will be the kings downfall.

Our hero, Hale, can not sit by and watch all of these innocent people be murdered, so a father passes Hale his child and tells her to run. He sacrifices his life so that his little one may have a chance at survival, and Hale doesn’t even second guess this choice. She runs.


There is a huge buildup to the revelation of two new characters who will help Hale, and fight back against the tyranny that is Herrod, but first they need to get the baby to safety. Save the child, save the world.

The bad guys are a mixture of Mad Maxesque motorcycle bad asses, who are minions to the greater bad. Never standing up against him, and just doing what they are told. The perfect cannon fodder for this apocalyptic wasteland of a world.

The writing in this story makes me feel true emotion. Fear for the safety of the child, passion for the heart felt response of Hale being thrust into a terrifying adventure, and true empathy for humanity (at least in this part of the world) for being victim to the menace of a tyrant. Honestly, I’ve always loved post apocalyptic comics, so this one fit right into my wheelhouse, with the extremely dirty artwork fitting perfectly with the story being told. I can’t think of an artist I would want to fit into this world better than Hayden, so kudos to Image for pairing this match together.


Please let The Comic Hunter know if you want to order yourself the current issues, or add the future ones to your file. Currently there is 4 or 5 issues available, so make sure that you ask for the set. You wouldn’t want to miss this story for anything!

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