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Welcome back to another rousing comic book review by your comic guru, Fat Adam. I find myself once again diving into the intricate world of Aftershock Comics, knowing full well that I’ve had a mixed relationship with them. From comics such as Animosity, Jackpot, and Jimmy’s Bastards, I’ve gotten to truly understand the dynamics that comics can bring. I’ve laughed, cried, and scratched my head in wonderment, all from one comic publishing company who does their best to rival the big dogs in the park.

World Reader does just that. With writing from Jeff Loveness and art by Juan Doe, we are given a universe full of missing intentions. Entire planets, barren and missing, forgotten in history. Well, almost forgotten until Sarah came along. Sarah has a unique gift, she can communicate with the dead planets. She can see as they did, feel the way they did, and know quite a bit about the population. She learns about all of the missing cultures of the universe, without ever actually meeting any of their people.


What would you do if you found out the universe was jam packed with species, all similar in ways, but more advanced than your own. Now picture what you’d do when you find out all of them are extinct. Every single planet you visit, gone, save for Earth and Humanity. Somehow your kind were spared from whatever caused the end of the galaxy, and honestly, you are probably terrified to find out why.

Sarah’s crew are an exploration team attempting to make any sort of contact with alien life, but so far have only run into death and memories. Sarah, always looking for the love and passion of every planet, is tasked with investigating what caused the fall. Why these races are all gone, and boy howdy does she do a good job. Full of drama, passion, and strong emotions for those who are no longer there, her journey has only begun. Now Sarah needs to learn to fight those who hide in the dark, away from sight. Those who prey on the innocent trying only to survive. Those who feed on death.


The writing in this comic is strong and passionate, honestly it is near perfect. Not too wordy, while being descriptive enough to settle you into a journey that you may not want to leave. The imaginative color scheme, mixed with the slightly over the top dream scape of the worlds heart. It mixes the very definition of fantasy and reality, joining together in a technicolor epiphany.

I would absolutely recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys drama, adventure, or mystery. Mix in the slightly dark tone, and technicolor art, and you have a fun and original piece of art.

Please remember to let The Comic Hunter guys know if you need to order a copy of this title, as they can have one put into your file for the future. I would definitely say this is a title I will be following a lot closer than I was before.

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