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“Once upon a time , there was a wizard. THEN IT ALL WENT TO HELL.” Is the tagline created by writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Browne to describe their story of magical proportions. Curse Words was published by Image Comics, crafting a world in which our “hero” follows only three major rules. “No Cures, No Wars, No Love.” He is a wizard for hire, willing to sell his abilities to the highest bidder for literally anything other than those three things. I mean, our story starts with a mildly famous rapper, buying his way to become platinum in order to stay on top.

Not a platinum selling album, literally made out of platinum. Yep, it’s that kind of story. Along with his trusty talking familiar Margaret, Wizord the Wizard is in the business of saving humanity from the powers that would see it come to ruin. Funny enough, that is what Wizord was sent here to do, destroy our very way of life. He fell in love with the customs, the freedom, and the ability to make his own choices about the future of mankind.


He fell in love with the beauty of the earth, and in doing so, changed his way from a vengeful wizard working for a terrible warlord, to a protector of the realm. Under his direct supervision? Planet Earth, a planet who had come to disbelieve in magic and the supernatural. We were unprepared, and would have been destroyed without so much as a whisper in defense. Wizord couldn’t let that happen.

Enter Cornwall, a wizard focused seemingly on the ability to turn you on. Flashy, a but of a ceaseless sex fiend, and an all around bad guy. He was sent to find out what had happened to Wizord by their old master Sizzajee. Keeping tabs, and finding out for sure if Wizord had betrayed them or not. Well, once he finds out the truth Sizzajee is not so pleased, sending a supernatural hit squad after our “hero”. This leads up to quite a story that lives through the ages.


The writing is damn good. The character aspects of Wizord and Margaret are absolutely stunning, but the ability to add sword and sorcery imagination into a modern day society, also really works. Everything from #TeamMargaret to seeing a Wizard on a motor cycle show us the reality of how he is adjusting to being in the mortal world. Helps that he landed in New York, so the Wizard can see first hand the diversity and his ability to channel strength the world had never seen, makes this title a must read.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy adventures, or the good guy really being the bad guy, but trying to be good. A mixture of emotions are felt even in this pilot issue, for the main character.

Let the guys at The Comic Hunter know you would like this one added to your file so you can get a drop on the story. I recommend not falling too far behind.

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