THIS JUST IN! – Gwar Orgasmageddon – NSFW, SERIOUSLY – Dynamite Comics


This is the one warning I will provide. The following review is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or anyone under the age of MATURE AUDIENCES. If you are reading this, and not old enough to buy beer legally, please see yourself out. For the rest of you…

WELCOME TO THE COMIC REVIEW ABOUT MOTHER FUCKING GWAR ORGASMAGEDDONDynamite Comics is responsible for bringing us this giant shit storm of a comic, based around everyone’s favorite Heavy Metal band, GWAR! So strap in, and be ready for a fuckfest of a story, with over the top gore filled action scenes, hints of beastiality, alien races taking over the world, and a crack head managing the band. Honestly, I’m starting to think it may be easier to list the things this comic doesn’t contain.

I am under the instruction not to give any spoilers, and trust me when I say I understand. No matter what I tell you about this huge dicking you’re about to feel, you wouldn’t believe me anyways. Hell, I barely believe me and I was the one reading it. Picture the board game Epic Spell Wars, make it a hundred times MORE not safe for work, then dip it into a slightly borderline illegal story and BOOM you’re about halfway there.


GWAR, being a race of aliens who are here to help take over the world with crazy rock and antics, know how to go medieval on some villain asses (Not to go full anal). The only spoiler I will give is that I will never get the name Dickmobile out of my vocabulary. It is a new staple, and will be staying there for all eternity.

The writing is EXACTLY what you’d want for this complete shit fest of a story. It is dirty, funny, sarcastic, and obviously inappropriate. It is a constantly evolving form of writing, which gives me an outline of story that seems to build up, but more importantly TOTAL NON STOP ASS KICKING ACTION! It is hard enough to make action scene dialogue match up with the actual scene, so instead we get a big FUCK YOU to the pairing, and they almost survive separately from one another.


The artwork is so goddamned dirty, it feels like it gave me herpes, but I appreciated it. I took it all in, caught the art disease, and loved every damned minute of it. Artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer is known for his over the top style, and it has helped birth a lot of epic comics. Critical Hit, Blood Drive, and Welcome Back to name a few. No matter what, he is a genius with the proper style befitting this exact comic. Nothing else would have worked, and trust me when I say it really works.

I recommend this comic to ANYONE who is old enough to buy cigarettes, as you’ll need one when your done. It is so fulfilling, it’ll feel like a good night out with a salty woman of the night.

Let the boys at The Comic Hunter know if you want a copy. Get it, don’t second guess it. Seriously, let it consume you and just enjoy an amazing read for once in your life!

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