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So, Image Comics to me has a history of creating a lot of outside the box style comics. Something I find the big two don’t really take advantage of, and it’s bitten them in the ass a few times. Comics like East of West, Saga, the MASSIVELY successful The Walking Dead, and my personal favorite comic series of all time, Spawn. They’ve cornered a piece of the market that others try to break into, but seem to struggle while we watch Image seem to thrive.

When I first received my review of GRRL SCOUTS, I was excited just because it is an Image exclusive. The second thing that caught my eye is that Jim Mahfood did the writing, artwork, and created the damn thing by himself. Another notch in any belt for me, as doing one of them is hard enough. So I was already sold before I had even started the story, but boy howdy, I’m sure glad I did.


Our story starts off with young Josie, some sort of kick ass psychic who obviously gets pegged as insane, is being let out of an insane asylum. The doctors give the usual warnings, which amount to “Be careful, medicate her for your safety”. Boy howdy she turns out to be a psychopath. She immediately turns on her “mother?” killing her somehow with a cellphone video of a gun? I am not even close to sure what actually happened, but bravo on the technicolor dream scape!

The story actually seems to revolve around Daphne Sanchez and the other GRRL Scouts, who have been using a pair of Magic Socks, which everyone else seems to either want or want Daphne dead, so they would still gain the magical powers that we have yet to find out about. Honestly, the story was really confusing, but it flowed together a bit throughout, so I think I got the gist of it.

I don’t want to dissuade you from getting this comic, as it has a bit of a crazy route to follow, but for me it wasn’t really my style. The writing in it is extremely hectic, not really tying anything together at all. It honestly feels like Jim was trying to just toss a hundred ideas together, add some olde timey racist stereotypes, a plotline that no one can follow, then splash in the technicolor backgrounds, hoping everyone just kind of loves it enough not to question it.

GS 3

There are redeeming qualities, but they have trouble shining through the muck. Again, I speak from personal preference. While the art is dirty, over the top, and completely unpredictable, it still fits the comic itself. It really shows us the way the artist sees this world.

If you enjoy psychedelic thrill ride over the top action, then this probably is the comic for you. I can recommend this comic to anyone who has a love for the out there style you don’t see very often in the industry.

Remember to let the awesome dudes at the store know to put a copy in your file if you want to give it a shot!

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