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Valiant Entertainment brings together two exceptionally talented creators to drive forward one of their newest titles, Secret Weapons. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer (Arrival), Harvey Award-nominated artist Raul Allen (Wrath of the Eternal Warrior),  and artist Patricia Martin (Ninjak) were tossed into one large pot, stirred together, and slowly brought us this gem of a first comic. The talent on this title is completely worth all the praise, and I was excited to see such a diverse and decorated team bringing out an amazingly new comic.


We are introduced to a world where people with advanced powers seem to be feared, used only for the abilities they possess, so it leads to a lot of people hiding who they truly are. Quite quickly we meet a couple of the Psiots (With Livewire being the main introduction) and learn that a group known as Unity is trying to hunt down the Psiots that were discarded due to “useless” powers, and trying to rescue them from persecution. An old mentor of Livewire’s seems to have turned almost villainous, costing the lives of many Psiots so far. Just in this issue we see a few deaths and close calls, stemming from some sort of large almost tree looking creature. It is huge, speaks an extremely odd language, and seems to be made out of the blood/powers of its enemies. I assume we will learn a lot more about this creature as the story goes on.


Livewire, along with Owen Cho (Conjurer who can not control what/when he conjures), and Nicole Finch (Who can talk to birds), create what seems to be the beginning of a super hero team, which I am sure will grow pretty powerful as time goes on. More than the powers is the interesting writing for the uses of them. They stay on a more realistic note while using the passion of the user as its setting off point. Nicole getting her pigeons to poop bomb a car because the guy is a douche? Owen getting fired because he conjures a shotgun at this job, in a supermarket… We are getting real life situations from something so completely not real. It is refreshing.


The writing in this issue is absolutely awesome. It is what I’d want, mixing the best parts of fantasy with a nudge of reality. The character development works well, and as odd as it sounds, the characters LOOK like what they should based on their powers/personalities. The artists seem to have an amazing relationship with the writer, trusting one another to do their best work.

I recommend this story to anyone who like slightly dark plots, with twisting possibilities. Anyone who likes a Saga style artwork would also enjoy this series. This is one of the few comics I can say that may work for almost any fan of comics in general.

Let the awesome dudes at the store know to put this one in your file, knowing full well that the action is enough to entice you. It’s a short series of only four issues, so there is no reason not to add it!

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