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Valiant Entertainment has been putting out a lot of amazing content recently, not to say their older works weren’t good, it’s just that the newer ones are stellar. From Brittania, Faith, Secret Weapons, and many more, we gain newer heroes designed to directly compete with the stagnant ones we’ve become so burdened with over the years.

Eternal Warrior is written by the amazingly talented Robert Venditti (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps) and drawn by a man who needs few introductions, Renato Guedes (Bloodshot Reborn). So we have two great talents in the industry who have decided to pair up on a comic that touches the recesses of human history.

Our story starts inside of a nightmare. In ancient Mesopotamia, Gilad Anni-Padda is the fist of steel and earth, but his memories have been tainted by the blow he took to the head. Forgetting everything he stood for, and why it was he was a warrior, he had taken to a life of farming a field that remained barren due to drought. A geomancer from his old tribe brings him his axe, and the memories take over. Flooding in to show the battles he waged, the men who lost their lives, but most importantly the man who took his life.

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It was time for his journey to begin anew.

The writing in this story is very intriguing. I love the style, and it fits with an older style comic. Based on the years of far past, it brings you into the world itself making you feel the true spirit of the character. My only quip about this story is that I do find it introduces a lot of backstory almost for nothing. I  won’t really spoil too much, but the plot it seems to outline is over before it began, not really leaving any questions about what is to come. I could stop after reading this one issue and be satiated that I didn’t miss anything I needed in the series.

The artwork is a fine mixture of realistic with brutal fantasy, and that is why I love it. While it uses some of the usual comic tropes of being over the top, the overall feeling in the art is one of beauty. As you can see, the comic is a little violent, with dark themes to it, but it is done in a way that screams “AMAZING”. Working well with the writing of the issue, I am convinced that this pair will do well together on the future issues as well.

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RECOMMEND : If you are a fan of realistic (somewhat) violence, stories based on olden time history, or action adventure stories, then this one will be the one for you. Not safe for children, so please be careful leaving it laying around.

Remember to tell everyone at the shop that Fat Adam sent you in for this one. Add it to your file, or tell the boys to get you the set as it’s released! Until next time, happy reading!

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