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We are all familiar at least somewhat in the Mass Effect universe, revolving mainly around one of the all time great RPG games of the modern age. Each decision helping you to grow as a hero or a villain, but ultimately helping to save the galaxy from those who would threaten it.

Well Dark Horse Comics decided it was time to work with the Mass Effect team and create Mass Effect Discovery, a direct tie-in to the Mass Effect 4 game play. A near must read for the loose ends you may start the world with, Eisner Award nominated writer Jeremy Barlow is half of the creative mind behind the project. The art side is being done by Gabriel Guzman, whose style efficiently handles the Mass Effect feel.  Using unique techniques, Guzman is able to really capture the Mass Effect tone while not veering to far off into left field.

We follow Lt. Tiran Kandros’s mission to try and solve what is causing the devastation to the galaxy. A Turian who is devastated that his team was so easily taken out, considering himself not as brave since he survived the attacks while his team didn’t.


While this is a preview, so most of what I am seeing is unfinished, unlettered, and uncolored, I still get a fairly accurate portrayal of what I think is to come. I am excited to see the evolution of this character and story line, especially since I am one of the few who did not get to play the game yet. It will feel good to have some overview of what is to come. It leads me into the world of Mass Effect all over, knowing that everything has changed between the third game and the fourth.

The writing I was able to see was absolutely stunning, and made me feel like I was inside of a Mass Effect game, which is difficult to pull off when it comes to video games. I’ve tried to read a few dozen video game based comics, and none have really found the right formula for my taste, but this one seems to be what I have always wished they would be. It is the right amount of fantasy video game, and realistic emotion.


The art is so clean, it is damn near flawless. I was impressed with Guzman’s ability to bring the characters to life, while being able to etch the faces of each one into your mind. While you would assume each Turian would look similar, they don’t. At all. I was impressed considering what was being worked with.

RECOMMEND : I recommend this comic to anyone who loves action, adventure, or especially the Mass Effect series. It is strongly recommended if you intend on playing Mass Effect 4 at any point in the future.

Let the guys at the store know what you want, and how you’d like it. They can put it into your file, and give you the start to the interesting comic series.

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