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I am sad to say this is my first ever review from Oni Press, knowing full well that they have an amazing range of styles I’ve just never had one that really caught my eye. Oni was not a publisher on my radar, and honestly that was a mistake on my part.

The Damned has a powerhouse team behind it. The team of Sullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree, give us a fairly powerful comic of great proportions. We follow Eddie, a seemingly intelligent and somewhat kind individual who owns a local club. He is running it the right way, keeping a lot of the rabble out of the doors. By rabble I clearly mean Demons, so there is that. He can see all the things supernatural, and knows when they are trying to do something they shouldn’t be inside of his club.


We immediately find a lot out about him, such as Eddie can’t die. Well he can’t stay dead anyways. A curse seems to keep him alive, taking over the soul of the first person to touch his corpse. The flashback to a day earlier shows us Eddie, telling a group of almost mafia looking demons to get lost from his club. It hints that this club, and Eddie, weren’t always on the up and up. He seems to be trying to turn that around, while pushing away those who would try to harm its clientele.

Then in walks the reason for Eddies turn of luck, Mr. Pauly Bones. We find out he was into some shady things, while not being directly talked about, but he left the scene four years prior. This tells us that Eddie has only recently made the turn for good, and the club still has a shamble name in some parts of the world. It ties a lot of quick questions together, adding more mystery to our main character.


The writing in this comic does what I want it to do, it opens a new world to the possibilities that lie within it. The characters, while being somewhat cliched in ways, are diverse and thorough. We see a mixture of personalities in a few short pages, and within the first ten we already have a million questions and a few short answers. It drives the drama and the intense feeling of the comic home, and does so very often.

The artwork is very old school, which suits my tastes. I compare it strongly to a cleaner Dick Tracey style for the noire detective style that it is trying to achieve. Successfully I might add. While this was one of my first forays into Oni Press, it sure will not be my last.

RECOMMENDATION : This comic would be best for any reader who likes mystery, detective style stories, and the supernatural particularly. It does well mixing the genres together, almost seamlessly.

Let the gents at the store know if you want this one added to your file. I hope to here YOUR opinions on it, so I know if I’m alone liking this one.

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