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Dark Horse Comics is a label who is often near the forefront of innovation in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of the amazing popularity of a video game franchise or two. Dragon Age, known for its amazingly open role playing style, and the ability to build a diverse group of heroes who will find a common goal, is one of Bioware’s children. Dark Horse recruited the writing team of Nunzio Defilippas and Christina Weir, pairing them with the talented art style of Fernando Heinz Furukawa to bring a story to life taking place within the universe that so many of us love.

Our story begins with Ser Aaron Hawthorne of Ferelden, a knight who prevented a war by being diligent, able, and probably drunk. His fable of old is questioned as the words of a drunk sailor by his squire, and our real main character, Vaea. An Elven knight in training, in a world that does not accept those who are different easily. Many question her ability, and the possibility of her ever being knighted, within the first 5 pages of the book. So we know she is to overcome adversity, racism, sexism, and many other roadblocks on her way to be a proper knight. Hawthorne believes her able and worthy, so he defends her to the crew.

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Not everything, as they say, is as it seems. Turns out Vaea is much more than a squire. She is an able thief who has a high name in the underbelly of the world. Hired out to do the dirty jobs no one else wants to do, she meets up with a mark in a bar to start the real story within the story.

We meet a lot of characters all throughout the story, but one is quite important to the actual world as we know it as well. Veric is all about the partying with Hawthorne, and trying to solve the puzzle that is Vaea. Veric being an able bodied thief himself, I assume has figured it out, but does not make it obvious. Never play your cards.

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The writing it absolutely suitable for the Dragon Age mythos. It fits well into the stories we are used to seeing, bringing something new into a crowded source material. It feels like you are reading a quest from the games themselves. Matching that with the phenomenal artwork only adds to the perfection of this piece. While I am a bit biased based on my love of the lore they’ve built, I do believe this comic is a home run.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this comic to anyone who loves adventure comics, comics based on video games, or comics with a very role play feel to them. The story is built well, giving us exactly what we need to get our beak wet, but not over killing it with minute details.

Let the boys at the Moncton shop know to put one aside into your file, and make sure to order the whole run. It will be a wild one, I basically guarantee it.

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