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“Having a baby when you’re sixteen can be tough… for Sadie it’ll be HELL!” is the tagline that came with this comic, so immediately it caught my attention. It jumped out as a horror comic, with a twist of psychological thriller, but that was all gathered from the brief synopsis and sordid cover. Donny Cates (Buzzkill, Paybacks, Redneck, and God Country) writes this thematically twisted piece of macabre literature. When you add the art of Garry Brown (THE REVISIONIST) to the mix, you get exactly what this comic needs. Brutally sadistic visuals.

Sadie Ritter is our mother, whom we meet right away. She is recording a video to her baby from what seems to be either a hideout or some sort of dystopian future. Either way, things do not seem to be going well for her. Recording her life leading up to that point on a cellphone for her child, someone also seems to be either helping or talking to her from afar, but that part isn’t clear at the moment.

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We meet her sister Heather, some sort of drug selling bad ass, who incites fear into those around her. A name that others seem to be scared of, especially the jock ass-hats who try to get rough with Sadie. It does cause her water to break starting the birth of what we will soon find out. Sadie is already aware something is wrong, as she had no contractions, no pain, and when the water broke everyone around her felt some sort of power burst of what I assumed to be psychic energy.

Her son, Clark, is born into the world, and upon taking his first breath he stops an earthquake from destroying the hospital he was being delivered into. Coincidence? Obviously not. The baby was deemed the anti-christ by a so far unnamed man who is talked about through Sadie’s video/thoughts of what had occurred. Either way, we are introduced to some sort of end of the world comic, starting with the child being born.

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While the writing was spot on in this initial comic, it does feel like they are using an almost “Omen” style approach to the end of the world. The first issue does not reveal enough to really help us understand the full potential, it does lay the ground work for something I hope is different from the usual child causes the end of the world stuff. The art is perfectly gritty enough to portray the innocent/evil duality of the comic itself, but especially of the baby. You can tell this kid is more than he seems, but you want to find out why.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this one to any person who likes horror, end of the world comics, or enjoys a thoroughly good read. It is definitely a must continue for me. I can not wait for the next issue to come out!

Let the guys know to add it to your file, and make sure to pick it up as soon as you get a chance. It is more than worth the read!

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