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Warhammer 40K is a game that has been played across tabletops for decades, quickly becoming one of the more dominant games in an industry saturated with miniatures. A universe of Marines, Aliens, Psychic warriors, and the occasional necrotic army, you can bet that their lore is long and full. Since the revelation of Warhammer, there have been Video Games, RPG systems, and even novel series, so it comes to no surprise to see Dawn of War coming out from Games Workshop, working with Titan Comics, and bringing together a very diverse and talented team.

Writer Ryan O’Sullivan and artist Daniel Indro come together to bring us a breathe of lore from the massively sophisticated Warhammer universe with Dawn of War. Our story revolves around Sergeant Olivarr and Tarkus, two space marines who are tasked with finding Gabriel Angelos. From what I had gathered at this point, he was a Chapter Master who was lost during their siege of Ork lands.

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They start their journey off on a sour note, with their ship being fired upon and dropped to the ground before they can land. Completely disabled, they still manage to fight their way through a few baddies on their journey. We learn little bits and pieces of how important Gabriel is too the space marines, apparently one of the most important men for morale to ever fight on the side of humanity. A lot of weight to put on a small squad of men, but they agree to finalize the mission, and do whatever it takes to get Gabriel home.

Enter the Eldar, everyone’s favorite class of badass stealth fighters. They are locked in a fight with some remaining space marines, directly in front of the catacombs where Gabriel was last seen, so we get to see what the marines, and the Eldar, are made of.

The writing by O’Sullivan is absolutely quick and dirty. It is great for this style of out of this world war comic, as it keeps the reader on an edge of your seat thrill ride. They’re aren’t really any boring or slow bits to worry about, so we get a pretty loaded story on a short amount of pages. It felt like it fit in with the stories that have been created around the Warhammer universe.

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The artwork however was gritty and real, to the point that I appreciated the individual armors on each character. We get a feeling of singularity mixed with the knowledge that they are all different characters in a similar world. Indro is amazing at making the simple things seem not so, and the complicated things seem impossible. It is a pretty great trait to have as an artist.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this comic to anyone who is a Warhammer fan, or even a fan of any sort of table top miniature game. It is an action adventure comic for sure.

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