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Welcome to the world of New Humanz, the newest title from our friends at Titan1Studios. Our story follows the lives of Riley and Sadie, a mother and daughter team trying to survive in a new world. A world they are not familiar with. A world they are not from, well at least a time they aren’t from.

Titan1Studios combined the amazing talents of writer Taran Chadha and the rough yet methodical art work of Ruben Rojas, knowing that together they would work out a way to reveal this story in small tidbits, while protecting the ideals that our characters are trying hard to follow. Adaptability is a major part of the future, so without further ado, we shall talk about the actual issue a little bit!

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We meet Riley, Sadie, and Dad, while out doing regular family activities. They seem to be having a picnic by the beach, as Riley and Sadie are in the water having a swim. Riley daring her daughter to swim the entire lake, but Sadie showing her human side with fear of what is to come. She tells her mom she doesn’t want to be a strong woman, she just wants to be normal. Foreshadowing, I think so!

Some sort of portal or doorway to the future opens up in the middle of the lake, sucking them both in while shooting a giant rocket out of it apparently killing Dad on impact.I am unsure if he is actually dead, as comics have this amazingly gifted way of bringing everyone back at some point, but for the sake of the first issue he is believed to be dead.

We then flash forward to the future, with Sadie and Riley made almost entirely out of robotic parts. I am unsure what caused them to be in this state, and what would help to reverse it. I am sure that these questions will be answered as soon as possible, so I am willing to keep finding new questions to ask.

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The writing of Chadha is absolutely stunning. I was impressed with his ability to create a slew of characters for this comic, but add life, intrigue, and an air of complicated mystery to it, shows me a level of writing that many fail to achieve, but most strive for. I loved the way the comic flowed, and believe that New Humanz is going to be a fan favorite.

The art is absolutely stunning. The over exaggeration when it was needed, but mixing slightly with the damn near perfect line work in this comic shows me a level of sophistication I am unused to seeing in most of the industry. I will actively be searching out more of Rojas’s works so I can see more examples of near perfection.

RECOMMENDATION – Fans of sci-fi stories, time travel, or all around bad assery comics, you will enjoy this one for sure.

As always, let the guys know to add this title to your file if you seem interested. Give it a chance, and you will not regret it.

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