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Written by the talented duo of Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David, and brought to life by the art stylings of Brendan Cahill, IDW brings us a comic I was looking forward to for quite some time. Darkness Visible is a story of supernatural comings and goings, with a lot of demonic intentions. Shaitan is the name given to this new breed of energy based demonic entities. As explained by Danny, our main hero, they are energy beings that create an agreement with humans to ride along. They then get the abilities to live longer, stay younger, and begin to evolve slightly to look like the energy that took the specific human over.

We find out Danny has a daughter known as Mags, and is actually a detective for the unusual things that go bump in the night. He is called to a situation in which a gang )almost mob like) of Shaitan has broken into a business on London Bridge Street, with no other backup near, and his daughter in the car. Mistake one is thinking this will just be a regular theft or burglary job. The Shaitan call the police force “Cyclops” a few times, not absolutely certain where that comes from, but I assume we will find out eventually.


As Danny storms in like an amazingly talented vigilante, he barely makes it up the stairs before one of the hostages paints him an explosive picture. They baddies laced the guy with an explosive vest, sending him out to cause a distraction. It worked for almost everyone’s ability to escape, but one demon looking creature fell behind, getting caught by Danny because of a taser strike and a few bullet wounds.

The writing in this issue is well formulated, with an easily traceable plot. A combined effort of both Carey and David, showcasing their best traits in both cases. I was extremely impressed with the ability to form a lot of emotion with a new comic and newer characters. Reading through Darkness Visible felt very much like reading a newer version of an outdated supernatural comic series. It was a fresh twist given on issue one, and more than that it really gave me no other choice than to continuing the series. I was super impressed with the whole thing.


The art work is a whole other bag of poutine. I couldn’t even think of the best people to compare this style to, because it is so clean, amazingly well done, and gives me the exact feelings I would want in this style of comic. It gives good life to a new series of characters, and I love the style itself. I am waiting for any new copies to come in so I can keep getting to see the pieces fall together.

RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who loves the supernatural BUT is looking for something different would find this comic an amazing fit.

Ask the boys to add this one to your file, and I’m sure they can help you out!

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