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Image Comics has been a powerhouse over recent years. With titles such as The Walking Dead under their belt, it is no surprise that you get to see strong comics coming out of their bullpen. Writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw have decided to toss their powers together on the over the top title, God Country.

We jump right into southern town U.S.A. following your classic old time family with a twist. Roy, a normal everyday father and son, trying to do right by his family, has the town Sheriff waiting for him at home. You can tell by the conversation that they are known to one another, most likely a small town kind of life. The Sheriff is there to talk about Roy’s father Emmett, who we gather suffers from alzheimer’s. He got out, hurt a few deputies, and almost got himself shot in his rage induced rampage. You are also privy to the fact it wasn’t the first time this has happened, but the Sheriff is trying to make sure it is the last.

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They discuss options, such as a home or other ways to prevent his father from hurting anyone else, but Roy is adamant that he needs to be there for his sick father. Roy’s daughter tries to come in to see her grandfather, and the man is having one of his breaks. Scaring the girl, and forcing Roy’s wife to decide enough is enough. As she leaves, she gives him the choice to come with them, but Roy is still trying to defend his father. Choosing to stay and help him in anyway he can.

Then came the storm. It changed everything, destroying most of the country in it’s path, and changing the lives of that family forever. Struggling to survive, the house Roy and Emmett were in was wiped out, the truck his family was in almost destroyed, and in the end his father? Well, you’ll have to read to find out.

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The writing by Cates is stunning, especially when trying to develop a lore from nothing. While using god’s, demons, and everything supernatural we are used to seeing, he twists it to fit the story the best way possible. I am not only impressed with the writing, I love the fact that it came off as very fresh.

The art by Shaw is an amazing mixture of gritty and extremely messy, which is a big change from all of the comics I’ve read recently. I was not only impressed, but more than that I was intrigued. I’ll be continuing this one for sure.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this one to fans of supernatural comics, action, drama, and a bit of the old Gods as well. You will get a very diverse story with a lot of depth, and this is just issue one!

Remember to let the guys know if you want to add this title to your file, as they can make sure to get it set aside. It is sure to be an interesting journey!

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