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I want everyone to be clear about this review, it will be biased. I have always tried to find the best parts of all of the comics I review, but in this case Spawn is the series that actually started my love of comics. As a kid, I was privy to owning the first five issues, in mint condition, and in awe I read some of the best scenes I had ever scene. Twenty Five years later, and Spawn still remains my number one series of all time.

Written, drawn, and created by the amazing Todd McFarlane, whose works have given thousands of kids the belief that they can create comics too. Image Comics took a chance on this one and have never regretted it. Spawn has branched from comics into movies, video games, and even a few amazingly well done fan films, creating a universe that is damn near unparalleled in the comic industry. When I found out they were doing a one shot 25th anniversary comic, I knew it was one that we had to review, so without further ado, here we go!

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We are given the spawn we have seen, the one we know. It is an almost perfect reprint of Spawn number one, but in doing so they give us the original story boards, some commentary from Todd himself, and others associated with the project over the years. It is a refresher on the actual origins of Spawn. What makes him tick, why did he choose to come back, and what are we in store for with this “hero”.

For those of you not familiar with Spawn, his actual name was Al Simmons before his team betrayed him, slaughtering him. Brought back from death by a deal made with a devil to try and make sure he could watch over the love of his life, he was torn by the decision but allowed humanity to take over. Our fear of loss, our inability to make the difficult choices, and our greed of life. While we all claim not to fear death, a part of us will always be thinking of what is to come and how to avoid it. In Al’s case, it was to sell his soul.

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This comic is violent, and definitely not one made for modern kids. Back when I was growing up we read, watched, and played a lot more violent things then you see on modern television, but it was a comic that would play on the imagination. It was something that really gave you the darkest thoughts you can imagine, showing you a new world that you had shut your mind too. Showing the world in the darkness it really can be. What humanity truly is.

RECOMMENDATION – To everyone who enjoys comics, stories, or anything with a darker tone. It is single handedly the comic that introduced me to that entire life.

PLEASE contact the Comic Hunter to get them to place the order for you, as I am not sure how many copies they will sell. I know I’ve already got mine on order!

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