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The Arronax is a deep sea submarine which is home to the Nekton family. A group of dedicated aquanauts who live by the rule of the ocean, exploring the depths that humanity hasn’t been able to before. Boom! Studios title The Deep is based off of a Netflix series of the same name, showcasing the ability of adventure in the deep sea. The family is a group of characters, with a nice mixture of abilities.

Ant, the youngest child, is working on teaching his pet fish Jefferey to fetch. Yeah, you definitely read that right, he is teaching him to fetch, even though it hasn’t been working out so well at this point in the book. His older sister Fontaine is the classic older sister. Sharp as a tack, and as quick to rib her brother as anyone else could be. She is one of the more intelligent people on the planet, but is also someone who does not believe in the unseen. Kaiko, the brave and daring mother. She is the main diver, loving everything to do with being in the ocean. She is just like her daughter, with her lack of belief in the supernatural element of our world. Finally, the big guy Will. Father, husband, and believer in all things “out there”, we meet him the first time as he is studying maps of possible Dragon locations. Based on earthquake activity, he has decided to track what he believes to be true.

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The family dynamic is the key to this whole adventure as their ability to fill in each others weak points works well together. Each one is built completely different, just like in most families, but they also have the knowledge and faith in one another. They work like a well oiled unit.

Written by Tom Taylor, this story starts off very well developed. I was caught up pretty much instantly as I really wanted to know what was causing the disasters we bear witness too. It was a good choice to start the issue off with an amazing act of nature, and leave us guessing what was too come. Mix that with the quick character development, and you get a well started first issue.

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Now the art of James Brouwer is nothing short of amazing. Very cartoony, which works for a title that seems to have a dark side glamoured over with it’s light exterior. It brings you in as a child like demeanor, and then ravages your mind with the creatures found within. He does an amazing job of giving you the right amount of fun and fear, all mixed into an interesting title.

RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who loves adventure, mythology, or believes in the things that hide in the shadows of the ocean will love this title. Try it out, and know that it would be suitable for people of almost any age.

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