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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, but Image Comics puts out some amazing quality product, which almost always becomes a favourite of my pull list. When I first saw the cover for Rose, I was already hooked on the story I could picture developing. A strong woman, with her crazy large cat creature, taking on some sort of war gave me a chill. I wasn’t prepared for the world Meredith Finch and  Ig Guara had created. Full of it’s own mythos and legend, this story develops an entire form of magic based on Khatz which link themselves to a “Guardian” who exemplifies the virtue of its source. Temperance, Justice, and Courage are the virtues that hold the world together, and only together can they work in doing so.

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Our story starts with the magic having disappeared with the Khatz, creating a bit of a wasteland world. Where once the ground and earth were prosperous, lay now dead at the hands of mankind. An evil source took advantage of the fact that the Guardians were gone, destroying everything and everyone in his path, to make sure no child would be born with the power to stop him. Killing innocents of all sorts, and destroying the very world they had built. Save for one, our main hero Rose. Given the power at birth, and hidden along the world’s smallest towns, making sure to avoid detection as long as possible. Rose is aware of her magic, but has no idea how strong it is. Before her mother or anyone else can explain it to her, tragedy strikes. The Queen decides that life shouldn’t be considered of any importance unless she can control it. Dominate it.

Rose, running from the end of her current life, meets up with the rabble rousing rebels, and I know now her journey will forever be changed. The adventure to come will be fraught with danger, intrigue, and a whole lot of William being an arrogant asshat. I can’t wait to see their true love story, which to me was the only piece of this comic that instantly become predictable. I’m hoping they forgo the cliche, and instead go a completely different route, but the signs were all there.

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The writing in this title absolutely matches the art work, suiting the style of almost Eastern style story telling with Western style writing. I am impressed with the fell of the characters, but also of the Guardian creation process. I am excited to see more about them as the story progresses.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this title to anyone who is a fan of adventure comics, fantasy comics, or comics with strong female leads. The development on this comic is something I am looking forward too, and know that it will be a showcase of excellent writing and art, combined with an extremely well developed story line.

Tell the guys to put this in your file, Issues one and two so far, and make sure you follow along as the new stories are released. It will be well worth your time.

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