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By now, with the assistance of Netflix, I am sure you have all heard of Luke Cage. The seemingly indestructible human with the strength of a thousand men. His punch can break walls, destroy vehicles, or stop a man’s heart, but his ability to protect those around him is the real reason I would call him one of the better heroes in the Marvel universe. A member of the Defenders with Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones to name a few, and that series also coming up, Marvel has decided to start again with Luke Cage, so I’ve decided to review the new lore and see how it matches up.

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Written by David F. Walker and illustrated by Nelson Blake II, we get an interesting take on the man behind the fists, and an interesting insight since Walker actually worked on Power Man as well, so he knows some of the world already. Hell, he helped create some of it.

We start by meeting the man that the people rely on. Luke Cage is the one they call when they feel the cops don’t care enough to help, he will step in and do the right thing. Delivering justice to the terrible men who lurk in the shadows, and deciding guilt based on the knowledge he gains from associates throughout the city. I was super happy to see his catch phrase quite early on “Don’t start none, won’t be none”. It is the easiest way to describe the man, as he only resorts to violence if the person he is trying to deal with decides that they won’t go quietly.

After busting up a kidnapping ring (which was done for a measly five grand, as Luke clearly points out) he receives word that his colleague, and the man who made him into Power Man, has passed on. Dr. Noah Burstein was the doctor who experimented on Luke while he was in jail, giving him the abilities that made him into a hero. While Luke had the drive, the passion, and the kind heart, Burstein gave him the bullet proof body, mixed with the super strength. The combination of all of those things is what gives us the man we all know and love.

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While reading through this title, I couldn’t help but read Luke Cage’s parts in the voice of the current actor. It showed me that the writing was an amazingly well done reference, allowing us to immerse ourselves into a world that most may not have been familiar with before the Netflix series. Add that to our always clinical Marvel Comics art, and you get a title that I am extremely happy got itself a reboot. For fans like me who are new to the title, we can learn about the Luke Cage of the modern day.

RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this story to any fans of action, Luke Cage, or the Defenders. It will be a good lead up for newer fans to get to know the man behind the bullet proof chest.

Let Remi or the boys know to put this one in your file as well, it will be a welcome addition.

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