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Writer Grace Ellis and artist Shae Beagle have come together to work on the title Moonstruck published with Image Comics. Combining their unique talents, and ability to turn a proper fantasy story into one mainly of romance is a beautiful thing, and not something that is seen often in the industry anymore.

We are introduced to a slew of fantasy troupe style creatures. From centaurs, medusa’s, and vampires fairly early on in the book. We are shown the fact that love can conquer all, and that it is just as easy for the fantasy style creatures to fall into the same traps we all experience. Our main character Julie is a barista who believes she has fallen in love with her most recent date. We don’t learn much about the mysterious woman who stole Julie’s heart, but it leave a lot up for interpretation.

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The story revolves around Julie, and early on we find out she is a werewolf who seems to generally be able to control her powers. It seems that her emotions are the key to “wolfing out” and possibly going after those she doesn’t want to hurt. She is a mild mannered nerd, who seems to genuinely love life, her job, and everything that comes along with it. Life seems to be going exactly as she planned it to.

Of course, that can’t continue forever, or we wouldn’t have a story! I won’t go into a lot of detail, but it does seem that Julie is at the center of something big to come. Unassuming, and unaware Julie will most likely be responsible for the deaths of many, or preventing them. The prophetic dream was not very clear on that, which leaves the actual story up to our own imagination until we reach that point. All in all though it was an amazingly solid first issue, and I couldn’t compare it to any other stories I’ve read. It just felt more original, even though I know it is a fantasy style story with a prophecy. It doesn’t follow the DnD style troupes, and instead branches in it’s own direction.

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I was quite enamoured with the writing in this first issue, as it felt natural and beautiful. It was an original way to design the world, and had an amazing way of just feeling like you were reading a slightly more exciting Danielle Steele novel. I think personally that the writing is top notch, and will be the main reason I will be returning to read more of the story.

The artwork has a quality of pride and decodence to it. It felt like most times the artist was using an oil or water based style, with clean lines and attention to detail. I was extremely impressed with the design and layout of this entire comic.

RECOMMENDATION – Romance, Drama, Fantasy, or just those who are searching for something different than the mainstream.

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