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We’ve all heard the story of Victor Frankenstein, the doctor who created a life from where there no longer was. Instead of being revered for his genius, men and women flocked to destroy his creation, fearing that which they were unaware. The monster fled the burning tower while his master passed onto the next plane, leaving Frankenstein’s Monster alone to figure out a path.

Destroyer is one of the new titles from BOOM! Studios, diving into the modern day life of Frankenstein’s Monster, but also focusing mainly on Dr. Baker and her son. There is a worldwide conspiracy to destroy Frankenstein’s Monster, waiting a hundred plus years to know it is still in fact alive, and dedicating a tonne of resources to make sure it gets done. Written by Victor LaValle and illustrated by the amazing Dietrich Smith, we get a modern day take on an ancient horror. We also get a well balanced team to dedicate to this project, which is why BOOM! is quickly becoming one of my favorite publishing companies.

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The monster starts sitting on one of the large cliffs in Antarctica, watching the wildlife in their natural habitat, but also the perfect place for someone who does not feel cold to hide out. He comes upon an Asian whaling team, and does not take kindly to watching the family of whales being harpooned. Life, as with most, is more important to the monster. He was given the gift of a second chance, and knows how important it is to treat each life with respect. Well, each life that didn’t just kill a group of whales.

The monster decimates the whaling ship, ripping out hearts, arms being torn off, and blowing the ship to the high heavens in the end. A local ship of whaling protesters watches the whole scene, and doesn’t seem to really be that upset. It was still the death of dozens of men and women, which should carry some weight, but based on the protesters views of what they’re doing, they deserved to die. Juliette, niece to the captain on the boat, decides to show the monster what has come of our world. The technological advances, learning to fly, iPads, etc, yet when she dozes off, the monster is listening to theological and scientific debates about the legitimacy of stem cell research, and the legitimacy of Victor Frankenstein’s work.

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Naturally, it does not end well for those aboard the ship. Turns out the captain had called in a secret conclave of Frankenstein enthusiasts, causing there to be a small military presence waiting for them on arrival, which did absolutely no good.

This comic is an awesome modern day interpretation of Frankenstein, giving us a real feeling through the art and writing of an impassioned monster, who just wants to stop the innocent lives from being wasted.

More than that, he wants redemption for his creator, his father, Doctor Frankenstein.

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