THIS JUST IN! – (NSFW) Kim and Kim Vol 2: Love is a Battlefield – Black Mask Studios


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The fabulous duo return in a new day-glo, punk rock, queer as shit adventure.” is the tagline we were given to start this adventure in reading. Previously seen together in the title Kim & Kim vol 1: The Glorious, High-Flying Rock Star Life, writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Eva Cabrera have combined forces to bring back the badass team, and show the world there is so much more story to tell.

Kim and Kim are intergalactic bounty hunters, who work together to take on some of the biggest bounties in the galaxy. More than that though, they are madly in love with one another, sharing a bond stronger than hunting, each other. They push through all of the dangers and obstacles as the most kick ass team I think I’ve ever seen in comic form. They are a great pair too, as they compliment one another’s faults. Kimiko is a bull headed, rush in guns blazing kind of gal. She seems to be a bit of the young and restless kind of bounty hunter, just in it for the payday and the thrills. Kim D on the other hand, is a bit smoother and has the ability to rationalize the decisions she makes.

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As our story starts, they are on the hunt for a man named Symanski, who has some sort of virus encoded into his DNA. With a pay day of 200K on the line, Kim D wants to do this the quiet and easy way, but instead Kimiko grabs her guitar and swings for the fences. Almost costing them the mission, Kim D swoops in to save the day, or so we think.

We are introduced to several things in the start of this one. The fact that Kim and Kim are resourceful, determined, have an amazing relationship, and that Kim D’s mysterious ex-girlfriend appears back into her life after just vanishing. She is also seemingly looking for the bounty that they have already captured. With a lot of twists, turns, and emotional roller coasters, we get one of the best first issues I have ever had the pleasure of reading, culminating into an ending that takes us to a place we don’t want to go, emotion city.

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While the comic itself is fairly light-hearted and plays on the emotions, it does it will not seeming to be completely bubbly. It showcases the real struggle to survive this world, while losing everything to build yourself back up. The underlying story behind the scenes is absolutely amazing.

RECOMMENDATION : I recommend this title to anyone who enjoys a good drama, action, with hints of crazy love you could call romance. If you enjoy an original story with a good backbone, this is the book for you.

Let the boys at the store know if you want to pre-order a copy of this one. With the team being Eisner nominated, you may want to take a chance.

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