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TOG 1The Old Guard is a story of ageless warriors, who have been blessed (or cursed, depending on who you are asking) with the immortality needed to keep protecting this world from unseen forces. Written by the talented Greg Rucka and illustrated by the equally impressive Leandro FernandezThe Old Guard is one of the latest from Image Comics.

Our story follows a group of immortal mercenaries, because let’s be honest if you knew you couldn’t die, you’d want to make the most out of that extra adrenaline. Andy, their leader, is a hard headed woman with the urge to screw her way through life. Probably from the centuries of boring living, she has decided that there is no conquest too great, but she also seems very intelligent. Some from her time on this earth, but a large portion is her ever changing ability to make sure modern day society doesn’t catch on to them.


Along with Joe, Book, and Nicky, she has managed to survive for hundreds of years. As she explains it though, it all just melts together. Nothing original happens in this world, as they’ve seen it all in different ways.

Our story starts with Andy leaving her newest one night stand, meeting up with the guys at a local coffee shop. They are discussing an old acquaintance who reached out to them for help on a job. Andy’s first inclination is probably the most intelligent, thinking it would be a bad idea. They haven’t seen the guy calling them (Copley) in eight years, and he points out exactly what she was worried about. They don’t look like they’ve aged a day. Red flag one, which I thought immediately would be built off of, but I wasn’t expecting what was coming next.

We jump into Afghanistan, where a group of soldiers are infiltrating a known terrorist’s residence, looking for his equipment or any explosive material. Through a giant battle, lots of gun fire, and a knife to the throat, one of the soldiers ends up dying in her friends arms. Well, I should have said “dying” as she turns out to be another one of the immortals. Only thing is there haven’t been any others created in a thousand years, so one of the Gods deemed it time to give them help.


If that’s not ominous, I don’t know what is. It sets up our ending almost perfectly, and knowing myself how it ends, I know I will be reading a lot more of this one. It is the right amount of intriguing to keep me coming back for more already.

RECOMMENDATION – This is definitely a drama story, with a lot of amazingly well done action. If you are a fan of good art work mixed with a properly done story, you really will appreciate this one for what it is.

Make sure to let Remi, or one of the other guys at the store know if you want to try this one out. Give it the first issue at least, I promise you will want to keep it going.

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