My God, he’s getting a table. This is insanity!”

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the review for one of the world’s most popular entertainment franchises, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Bringing us names like The Undertaker, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Ric Flair just to name a few of the most popular of all time, we should have known they would decide to go the comic book route as well, and honestly? I am completely fine with it.

Written by Dennis Hopeless (which is the perfect name for a wrestler too!) and illustrated by Serg Acuna, we are given a story of EPIC proportions from BOOM! Studios. They don’t waste time on a whole lot of explanation, assuming most readers know some basics about the WWE universe, so we are introduced to Seth Rollins. Recently from the disbanded Shield stable, and now working for “The Man” as part of the Authority, Rollins is regarded as a complete heel in the locker room (a heel is a villain, while a face is a hero in wrestling talk). We see Rollins winning the Money in the Bank (allowing him a title shot whenever he wants it by cashing in the contract), and being ripped into in the locker room. None of the other wrestler’s seem to respect him.


As HHH’s lap dog, he gets nothing but disdain from everyone else, but Rollins couldn’t care any less than he does. He wants to win and be champ at all costs. He mentions several times he will climb over anyone in the industry to get it. He doesn’t want friends, family, or anything else to prevent him from being the greatest, and while that shows a dedication the other wrestlers aren’t giving, it also shows someone with nothing to truly fight for, causing him to struggle each and every time.

With HHH telling him that he needs to wait until the boss believes he is ready to cash in the Money in the Bank, Shawn Michaels comes in and does what Michaels always did best. Gives the advice of a true rebel. You reach a point where you know you are close, but you’re done waiting for permission to take what should be yours. You grab the bull by the horns, and control your own destiny.


RECOMMENDATION – Well this one is kind of obvious. Of course fans of action comics, story driven arcs, or who like wrestling will enjoy this comic series. Anyone who loves the WWE though, will absolutely feel this comic properly portrays the characters inside. They act exactly as they would on the series itself, so kudos to the team!

Let Remi or one of the others at the store know if you want to get into one of the more high octane comics I’ve read recently. I thought it was definitely an interesting read, but I’ve never really been a fan of wrestling itself, so I’m not sure if I will always understand all of the references.

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