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GX 1

We are all familiar with the X-Men. Some of the most famous heroes in existence have come from this promising team, such as Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Gambit to name a few, but one thing always stuck out to me. They were the best of the best, teaching an entire generation of mutants for the future, but we never really got many looks at those mutants whose powers were maybe not as useful.

Generation X is written by Christina Strain with the wonderful illustrations of Amilcar Pinna. Based on a group of new mutants, who are lead by the amazing Jubilee while Kitty Pryde has taken over as headmistress of the Xavier Institute, this title tries its best to showcase how even someone with subpar capabilities could sometimes be helpful. I mean, come on. One of the team members is named Eye-boy. His super power is having a whole bunch of eyes, literally he can see a lot and see well. While not always super useful of a power, it does have its niche uses as well though.

GX 2

It’s a refreshing view of those who probably never would have made it into the official X-Men team as it used to be. They’re still equally facing the same persecution, and the same fear from society itself, but there also seems to be a modicum of understanding, since the new institute is located in the heart of Central Park. Jubilee, starting off the first issue looking for her daughter Shogo, shows us that while she has matured and developed her abilities into an amazing asset for the X-Men, she is still the same flutter headed person we all met in her first appearance.

Jubilee is quickly introduced to our new X-Men candidates, as they seem to be starting a giant brawl amongst one another. Why are they fighting? Someone happened to ruin a pair of loafers that belong to Kid Omega, so he is taking it out on Eye-Boy, Nature Girl, and Bling! Hindsight was walking the halls trying to get a grip on everything going on around him, but the wall shattered and he accidentally touched Kid Omega’s fist with his jaw and activated the power without meaning too. Nathaniel Carver (Hindsight) has the power to essentially see the important moments in your life. It seems, and I could be wrong here, that he tends to see the moments that one wishes they could change. If only they had “hindsight”.

GX 3

So we have a woman who can control nature, a man who can morph into others like Mystique, only he has trouble controlling it, a guy with multiple eyes who can see more than most, a woman made out of some sort of stone like material, a kid who can see the past, and a pink mohawk, testosterone driven asshat in Kid Omega.

A perfect mixture of personalities, but with weaker powers.

Let the boys know you want to try this one out, so we can make sure you get in on the ground level.

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