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It’s not often I get the chance to give a review to an indie title coming from a comic publisher I’ve never even tried. This is one of those unique circumstances in which Vault Comics let us know about their upcoming title Alien Bounty Hunter. Written by the duo of Adrian Wassel and David Booher, while being illustrated by the extremely talented Nick Robles. I was excited, as a fellow indie comic creator, to be able to support another group fighting the good fight, and boy was I impressed.

Our story starts in the remnants of a laboratory within Zero Base. We meet a couple of important looking people who are talking about a specimen that seems to have blown its way out of the lab. Somehow it grew a weapon in its own arm, giving it what it needed to blow its way through the lab itself. So we’ve now learned there is something clearly dangerous on the loose, but worse than that is the fact it is capable of adapting itself to overcome adversity.

An alien creature of sorts would be terrifying enough, but one that can adapt quickly, and has that kind of power is so much worse. What should the government do in this case? Well, apparently they hire on the one man who can try to save the planet. Madsen, a rough and tough as nails bounty hunter, who proves he can also adapt to most situations. His intelligence is all he needs (that and a kick ass partner) to be able to continue doing his best. He is your classic action hero type of personality, but it works well with the story of course, and the cocky bravado is almost always a fun read.

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Madsen is a good man, who has had a shitty run, forcing him into a life of bounty hunting. Supporting his Aunt, and still trying to help clean up the neighbourhood, there isn’t much room left for personal time. So, in his shoes, what would you do if someone offered you a way to do everything you need, but knowing that the job has a chance of killing you in the process? Well, when your backs against the wall, you put on your big boy pants and do what needs to be done.

The writing from Wassel and Booher is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve been reading comics for decades, but rarely find a book that not only captivates me, but as a reader can challenge me to want to understand the entire story. I re-read this one to make sure I was picking up on the right ques, and boy howdy I do not regret it. Pair that with the stellar art work we are given, and a unique style creature making its way in the end, and you have an absolute must read comic.

Let the guys know about this one, if you want a copy you may have to pre-order as I am not certain how many copies they will have available upon release.

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