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Deadpool was one of the highest grossing rated R movies that’s ever come out. In a time where Superhero films are crushing it in the box office, announcing that one of our favorite heroes would be appearing in Deadpool two, was perfect. Cable is the son of  Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (A clone of Jean Grey), also making him the prodigal son who can time travel, use heavy weaponry, and saves the X-Men on countless missions for which they may not have made it. Cable has telekinetic and telepathic capabilities, mainly from the power of his mother’s side. Even the clone of Jean Grey has latent DNA from the Phoenix, making all of her children much more powerful than others would be.

So of course, when I found out Marvel Comics was releasing a new iteration of Cable, I was immediately on board with it. Adding the powerful team of writer James Robinson and illustrator Carlos Pacheco, Cable was bound to be a success, even if only to those of us who have always loved the no nonsense, ball busting Nathan Summers.

Cab 2

To kick off the new series, we get exactly what I want to see. Time travel, action, and adventure. Oh, and of course wild west bar brawls! Travelling to 1874, in Nobileen, Arizona, Cable is on the hunt for a group of bandits who are terrorizing their way across the old west. Finding them inside your old style classic saloon, he takes the opportunity to teach them why he is the best at what he does, but what does come off as a mild surprise to him is that the bandits are equipped with future tech. Whipping out futuristic pistols, and going “shootout in the O.K. Corall” all over that saloon.

Well, I assume that’s what happened as the action part was all skipped. Not worth Cable’s time, as he made quick work of the bandit group, forcing one of the member’s to squeal on the person who supplied them the weapons. Finding out some basic information, and shown some sort of crop circle burnt into the stone of the ground, Nathan moves onto the next jump. Feudal Japan, where a village has just been completely razed, killing everyone inside except for a lone woman and her baby.

Cab 3

For a hero who can time travel, Cable always seems to be just one step behind of the people who would do this world harm. That being said, he doesn’t take kindly to the sacrifice of innocent life, so he decides it’s time to go to war.

RECOMMENDATION – Action, adventure, or just a bad-ass superhero who is heads above most of his competition. Even if you’re just reading this one to prepare for the next Deadpool movie, it will be well worth the time you spend on it.

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