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Helena Crash is a story based on a future where none of us would want to live. A future where almost anything that can be made illegal, has. Hell, even coffee is illegal, which means we’d have an awful lot of cranky people every day, so please don’t let us get that far!

Combining the talents of writer Fabian Rangel Jr, and the artistic illustrations of Warwick Johnson CadwellIDW Publishing has decided to come up with this future which contains all the things that go bump in the night, minus the ability for humanity to handle them. Monsters, aliens, and other creatures seem common place in this world, leaving Humanity to fight amongst themselves. Those who follow the law and rule, and those like our main character Helena Crash. She is essentially a smuggler of fine goods (such as coffee, which is how our story starts). She runs black market goods to whoever pays the best.

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Our story starts off extremely action packed, and jammed with subtle information. A car chase, in which Helena is trying to escape from Los Fantasmas. A group of highly dangerous, but very unskilled scavengers who seem to try and just take anything they can get. Helena always happens to have something they want, so she is the target of their aggression fairly often. She proves throughout this initial issue that she is not someone to be taken lightly though, and definitely not someone who will be walked all over.

We also find out her childhood mentor Hemingway is helping her run an underground coffee growing op. Massive in production, and being one of the only distributors in town, she is going to be making really good money, but seems to be paying some of it out in repairs.

In her city, there are also a few warring families as it seems. Commanding the underworld, and hiring Helena when they need a courier, but when one of them asks her to become more than that, she declines immediately. She is not interested in becoming something darker, she doesn’t want to kill someone when she does not need to. A code of ethics of sorts, which adds a whole nother layer to her character design. The brutally effective non assassin, almost akin to Batman.

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The writing is very clear, kind of short, and fairly captivating. I loved the story, characters, and the way the city has been crafted from the remains of our world, and the addition of the brutal reality they’ve created. The artwork is not my cup of tea though. While I won’t say I hated it, I’m not big on the WAY over the top gritty/dirty art style. I prefer the clean and concise one.

It felt a little campy in that regards.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Action fans, adventure fans, or people who want a bad ass female lead should be attracted to this title.

Remi or one of the guys can add this one to your file, so please let them know ASAP so we can catch you up!

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