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Def 1

Marvel Comics is currently doing their best to dominate the movie industry, television (through Netflix), and of course throwing punches as often as they can in the comic industry as well. A lot of your favourite heroes come from Marvel (Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, Punisher, and many others) so it’s no surprise when they decide to team a bunch of them up creating something from the sole hero side. While the Defenders are not a “new” team up, it is refreshing to see that since the shows are doing so swimmingly, we get to see a reboot that I actually care about.

Heroes Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist team up in this wonderful creation labelled The Defenders. Utilizing the talents of writing phenom Brian Michael Bendis and the artistically perfect David Marquez, we are given a team so saddled with ability that it may be the only one that could do this team justice. Breathing life into a few huge heroes that haven’t always been given the chance to stand out is not an easy task, but hitting the market from all directions at once was a brilliant move on their part.

Def 2

There is no villain more perfect to start us off than bringing back one of the the toughest, meanest, and most vicious guys Luke Cage ever had to face, Diamondback. In the first few pages he kills a man, tries to take out Luke Cage, and also attacks several other people almost all at the same time. You can tell he has had surveillance on them as he knew the exact paths they were taking home.

Now for those new to The Defenders, Diamondback is smart, too smart for his own good. Picture an evil Batman who has no problem killing whoever stands in his way. We find out that Diamondback did get to Jessica, even though she is almost fine. A few hours in the hospital fixes her up, but Luke of course takes that as so much more personal.

Def 3

Add a little Black Cat into the mix throughout the comic, and the fact that Diamondback seems even more prepared than ever, and you’ve got one HELL of a start to this series. I am honestly more impressed with this comic than any others I’ve read in the last year, and that’s saying something! I’ve never really kept up with any of the individual heroes until their Netflix shows came out, but I am glad I watched the shows before reading the comic. It made the recognition of the characters and why they do what they do a lot easier to follow.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Anyone, seriously. If you have any love for the Netflix shows or any of these characters on their own then you know that this is a great series to try. It really carries over the attitudes of the characters from their Netflix origins.

Ask any of the boys at the shop to put a copy in your file. I promise you all need to at LEAST give this one a try. It will be well worth it.

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